Measuring your basal temperature is one of the mandatory steps of pregnancy planning. Along with tracking ovulation, the technique allows you to recognize the onset of ovulation and determine the best time to conceive. It is not as easy as it seems.

How to measure basal temperature

What is the basal temperature

Your basal body temperature is measured right after waking up, without getting out of bed. This temperature is the lowest during the day. It also lets you know when you are ovulating. In general, BZ reflects the work of the ovaries, at different periods of the menstrual cycle.

What to measure for

The basal temperature is a universal indicator of women’s health. It helps to determine the phase of the menstrual cycle, identify abnormalities, and determine the onset of ovulation.

The main point of measuring the temperature in the rectum is to chart the temperature changes, with changes in the hormonal background of the woman.

  1. For example, at the onset of ovulation in a woman’s body, the hormonal background rises sharply, resulting in a temperature increase of 0.4 ° C – 0.8 ° C. This day is considered the most favorable for conception. If the measured temperature is lower than normal, this day is considered the least favorable for conception.
  2. Also, the basal temperature allows you to instantly determine what the delay in menstruation is related to. When the temperature is normal, you can talk about a temporary malfunction in the body.
  3. Keep a chart of the basal temperature and for infertility, dysfunctions and bleeding. The temperature chart helps to identify the insufficiency of the corpus luteum, determine the presence of endometriosis, and identify acute inflammatory processes in the body.

As you can see, measuring the basal temperature has many functions. Each of them helps a woman to get to know her body better, and control processes in it.

How to measure basal temperature

How to take your temperature to find out if you’re pregnant

Finding out the basal temperature is not at all an easy task. Getting to know your body is given only through attentiveness and a high level of discipline.

It is also necessary to follow a number of rules so that the measurement is accurate. It is worth noting that it is accuracy that plays a key role in the process, because for you now the temperature change by fractions of degrees plays a role.

So, we have collected a number of rules that will help you to measure the temperature accurately to determine pregnancy, and build an effective graph of its changes:

  1. Measure your temperature exclusively with a highly accurate device. This will allow you to know your basal temperature accurately.
  2. Do not change your thermometer during the same cycle. Each measuring device has individual errors. In normal use, 0.5 degrees does not make much difference. When measuring your basal temperature, this is an important deviation.
  3. Take the rectal measurement in the morning, without getting out of bed. Prepare the thermometer in the evening, and place it so that you do not have to make even sudden movements.
  4. It is important to relax your mind and body while taking your temperature. Don’t think about anything and don’t move. Try to be in a state of semi-sleep.
  5. The temperature is taken every day at the same time. Regardless of your plans for the day, weekend or work schedule. Choose one time that you will repeat over and over again.
  6. It is important to get at least 3 hours of sleep before taking your temperature.

Taking your basal temperature correctly, will give you the ability to monitor changes in your body.

Also, when taking your temperature to detect pregnancy, you need to pay attention to external factors that may affect its change. Keeping them in mind, you will be able to assess the situation sensibly and not get nervous over nothing (which you should not do in the position).

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  1. In the presence of viral diseases, your general body temperature rises, which leads to a rise in your basal temperature.
  2. Rectal diseases, which often accompany pregnant women, may lead to the rise. These include hemorrhoids, fissures, diarrhea, etc.
  3. Inflammation of the skin in any part of it.
  4. Sexual intercourse shortly before measurement (even before going to bed).
  5. An airplane flight, or a long ride in a car can have an effect.

If you understand that there are factors that may affect the temperature change, you should still take it and put it on the chart, but do not forget to make a note.

How to measure basal temperature

What thermometer to use

To measure your basal temperature with a thermometer, you can use an electronic or conventional thermometer. Which one you choose is up to you. However, if you want to use an electronic thermometer, which is more modern, safe and comfortable, remember to choose a quality device. But, you can also use a classic mercury thermometer. Important! Non-contact infrared thermometer is not suitable to know the basal temperature.

How to measure your basal temperature with a regular (mercury) thermometer

If you do not have an electronic thermometer, and you do not want to buy one, you can check your temperature with a mercury thermometer. The measuring scheme is the same, with a few additions:

  1. Be sure to shake the thermometer well before going to bed so you can set the thermometer with the least amount of wiggle in the morning.
  2. When measuring with a regular thermometer, it is difficult to fix the temperature in the hundreds of degrees. Therefore, choose the lowest mark if the mercury column is “stuck” between the two positions.

How much to measure, depending on the method chosen

The accuracy of the measurement also depends on the time you spend on the procedure. So, if you chose an electronic thermometer, the temperature measurement takes place up to the sound signal. This is how the thermometer alerts you when it reaches its maximum point. If you check the temperature with a mercury thermometer, 3 minutes is enough. After that, try to remove the thermometer as slowly as possible and record the temperature indicated on it.

How to measure basal temperature

Scheduling your measurements

Before you measure the basal temperature, you need to make a graph of the changes in the readings. Only with its help, you will be able to correctly track the processes in the body and mark the important days of ovulation.

For a clear graph, two planes should have their values:

  1. The horizontal plane carries the designation of the calendar day, the day of the menstrual cycle.
  2. The vertical line is responsible for the data of the measured temperature.

Also, when making a chart, don’t forget to leave space for notes next to each day. This will help you write down important nuances that may have influenced your temperature in a nutshell. It’s a good idea to take notes not only when taking BH to determine if you’re pregnant, but in all other cases as well.

How to measure basal temperature

You can use a padded sheet of paper to take notes, but it is better to install an app that allows you to keep all the data at your fingertips, conveniently keeping notes. The will help you keep a chart of your basal temperature changes, and you won’t forget it when you go to the doctor.

If you do decide to keep records on an ordinary sheet, use a couple of rules:

  1. Use one chart, for one month.
  2. Along the vertical line at the 37-degree mark, draw a bold line. This will make it more obvious to highlight the days when your body temperature is above normal.
  3. Draw lines on the chart connecting the points of each day.

Keep track of your health, and keep observations to determine pregnancy, determine the day of ovulation, and monitor your cycle in a comfortable format with the mobile app.

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