Gained weight after childbirth: how to lose weight?

Why is it easy to gain weight after childbirth?

It is very easy for women to gain weight after childbirth. There are several reasons for this. The main reason lies in the hormonal regulation of the body. During pregnancy and after childbirth, large amounts of hormones are produced to support the fetus and the mother. They are vital in such a situation. Unfortunately, a “side effect” of these hormones is weight gain in the form of a fat layer.

Лишний вес после родов

If a woman complains that she became fat after childbirth, first of all, she needs to see a doctor to identify abnormalities. After all, childbirth often provokes the development of new diseases, among which are those that lead to obesity.

The second reason why women gain weight after childbirth, lies in their lifestyle. First of all it is a diet. Someone mistakenly believes that while breastfeeding should eat as much fat as possible and does it consciously, and someone just bites stress or has bad eating habits.

In addition, many young mothers experience constant loss of strength and malaise. As a consequence, they lead a sedentary lifestyle. And this inevitably leads to the fact that a woman after childbirth put on a lot of weight.

How to lose weight: a comprehensive approach

If a woman is set to lose weight after childbirth, to solve the problem unilaterally will not work. After all, you will have to fight not only with the main cause of weight gain, but also with the already acquired consequences – extra pounds. Therefore, for the most stable effect, you will have to reconsider all areas of your life.

Как похудеть после родов

Diet: how to lose weight after childbirth through nutrition?

Very often the “root of the evil” in matters of excess weight is an improper diet. After childbirth, this problem becomes even more serious. After all, a woman needs to find a balance. On the one hand, the menu should be nutritious enough to recover the losses associated with pregnancy and childbirth, as well as find the strength to care for the baby. On the other hand, any diet involves reducing calories. To perform this task, it is better to involve a specialist, because without specific knowledge it is difficult to understand the intricacies of calorie counting. The questions about how to remove excess weight after childbirth with the help of dieting will be answered by an online course nutritionist.

In general, recommendations for moms are as follows: follow the principles of proper nutrition, not keen on strict diets, but do not overeat.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the mode and culture of eating. Many moms eat jerkily, swallowing food in a hurry, in order to quickly get back to doing household chores. Such a habit leads not only to weight gain (because controlling the amount of food in a hurry is difficult), but also to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. And after all, many of them provoke not only the recruitment of excess weight, but also a number of other negative consequences.

Women who breastfeed often gain weight after giving birth. This can be associated not only with the production of specialized hormones, but also with diet. You should not strive to “eat for two” – it will have a negative impact on the figure.

Sometimes at first glance it seems that the woman eats right and the problems with excess weight should not be, but, nevertheless, the weight after childbirth is going badly. Then it is worth paying attention to the range of drinks. Juices, milk, whey, compotes, lemonades – all these also contain calories, which should also be taken into account when preparing a menu.

How to Lose Weight Quickly after Childbirth: Cardio Exercise

One of the most popular ways to lose weight after childbirth is a cardio workout. And this is not surprising, because this type of workout is used just to lose weight.

However, many women are wary of performing such an exercise after childbirth. This is due to the existence of myths about the harm of cardio loads for young mothers. In fact, these fears are in vain. Contraindications to running for women after childbirth are identical to those that apply to any other person. Therefore, if before childbirth, running and other loads a woman was allowed, and after the pregnancy did not appear new diseases, a woman is not limited in training.

The only thing you should pay attention to – the timing of the classes. You can start cardio training no earlier than 5 weeks after delivery, and it is important that the pelvic floor muscles were restored by this time.

In general, moderate and high-quality exercise will help to lose excess weight after childbirth, and have a positive impact on the health of a new mother.

Как похудеть после родов

How to lose weight after childbirth with the help of yoga?

Cardio exercises are not suitable for everyone. Some people’s health does not allow them, and some people simply do not like them. As an alternative, you can choose yoga. An undeniable advantage of yoga for young mothers is that you can do it without leaving home. In addition, you can involve the child in this process if you want.

It is also possible to start classes not right away. After a natural birth a break should be up to 8 weeks, after a cesarean section – up to 12 weeks.

Yoga can help not only to lose weight, but also to improve the overall condition of the body. However, you should not forget that after childbirth, depending on many factors there are restrictions on some asanas. Therefore, a specially trained person should choose a program of classes. The trainer of the online course is trained in yoga, including postpartum.

Why does the weight not go away after childbirth?

If a woman began to gain weight after childbirth, and the above methods do not help to solve the problem, it is worth seriously thinking about visiting a doctor. Weight gain signals many diseases. You should start with a visit to a general practitioner, who will give you a referral for a blood test. Based on the results of the analysis will be further examination and treatment.

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