If you cannot conceive for a long time and have tried all medical methods, you should resort to folk remedies. It is not only about decoctions of medicinal plants, but also about the right choice of days and positions for successful conception.

The long-awaited baby is the biggest miracle. But what to do, if doctors do not find serious pathologies, and conception does not occur. Folk remedies to get pregnant – this is the way out for many women.

Do folk remedies help to get pregnant

If women and men do not have any contraindications for health conditions, and all medical methods have been tried, but did not bring results, the best option will be to use natural means to get pregnant. Due to the large number of useful nutrients, various herbs have a complex effect on the female body, which has a beneficial effect on the occurrence of pregnancy.

How to get pregnant quickly – folk remedies

As evidenced by the reviews of already established mothers, who for a long time could not conceive, folk remedies helped to cope with the existing problem. It should be understood that this is not a panacea for all problems, and taking decoctions on a natural basis should be combined with other measures in order to occur pregnancy.

It is also mandatory to consult a doctor, who will determine the presence of contraindications to the intake of medicinal plants. It should be borne in mind that decoctions of some herbs have a number of contraindications, so you should strictly follow the current formulation.

Use of folk remedies before conception

When planning a pregnancy, first of all, you should completely exclude the influence of negative factors on the health of both partners. We are talking about stressful situations, daily routine and chronic fatigue. More time should be given to rest and each other. To get pregnant, folk remedies will also help.

Among the most common and effective ways to conceive, if it does not work naturally, is the use of various medicinal herbs. If the question of how to get pregnant quickly with folk remedies is relevant, then you should study the peculiarities of taking and the effects of natural plants on the female body.

How to get pregnant quickly – folk remedies


Sage is one of the most common medicinal plants. In its composition there is a phytohormone, which acts similarly to female hormones. Due to regular intake of decoction of sage, there is a significant increase in the activity of sperm. They are more likely to reach the egg, which is the key to successful conception.

In order to prepare an infusion of sage, you should follow the established recipe: 1 tbsp. herb should be poured over 1 cup of boiling water. It is required to insist for an hour. Take it twice a day on 1 tablespoon. Reception stops at the time of menstruation. If it was not possible to conceive, the use of the infusion should be stopped for one cycle, and then continue the reception.

How to get pregnant quickly – folk remedies

Upland uterus

Ortilia lopsided or hogwort is one of the most common folk remedies to get pregnant. It is freely available in any pharmacy. To prepare a decoction of this medicinal plant is very simple: you need to pour 2 tablespoons of raw materials with water and boil. After that, according to the recipe, the resulting decoction should be stored in a dark place.

After that, the infusion should be strained and drink 1 tbsp 4 times a day. The duration of intake is set on an individual basis. Occasionally, the duration of reception is more than 3 months.

Red brush

The list of effective folk remedies to get pregnant also includes red brush. Regular intake of decoction of this plant allows you to get rid of many female diseases. Additionally, there is a rejuvenation of the body and rapid fertilization. You only need to take into account that red brush is incompatible with other types of hormones.

According to the recipe, to prepare a decoction of red brush requires her crushed root (1 tbsp) pour boiling water and hold for 15 minutes in a hot bath. After that, the broth is removed from the heat and infused for an hour. Take strained decoction should be at least 2 months, 1 tablespoon three times a day before meals. After this period is over, it is recommended to take a break in the reception for a few weeks.


Not only does it contain vitamin E, it also acts as the main regulator of hormones in the body of a pregnant woman. Therefore, this is the optimal folk remedy to get pregnant. Immediately after the end of menstruation, this vegetable should be eaten in all possible variations.

How to get pregnant quickly – folk remedies


Sporewort is another herbal aid for expectant mothers. According to the recipe, to prepare a decoction, you need to pour 4 tbsp of the herb in 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist for 4 hours. This infusion should be used at least 4 times a day for 10-15 minutes before a meal.


According to an ancient belief, in order to quickly become pregnant, you should keep in the house such a plant as a ficus. But you should not buy it yourself – it should be a gift from a friend or a close friend.

Alder root

Dried alder root should be crushed, and then 3 tablespoons of the resulting powder pour 1 liter of boiling water. The resulting broth then leave for 10 hours, and then open the lid and allow the infusion to cool to room temperature. After you need to strain the resulting decoction, and with this infusion to make douches. Optimum is to do such a procedure immediately before going to bed.

The course of treatment is 3 weeks. Then you will need to take a break for one week and then repeat the course. To get pregnant with this folk remedy, you need to carry out the course at least 5 times.

How to get pregnant quickly – folk remedies

Dill and parsley

Decoction of these plants is suitable for those women who treat adhesions and tubal obstruction. Decoction has a very strong antibacterial effect and is ideal for relieving inflammation. To prepare a decoction, you need to grind fresh herbs or use dried ones.

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You will need to boil 1 liter of water, reduce the heat and sprinkle 1 tbsp each of dill and parsley. Next, you need to boil the decoction for 15 minutes over low heat, pour it into a thermos and let it infuse for a day. After that, the resulting infusion is strained through gauze. Drink such decoction in small sips throughout the day. The course of treatment is at least 2 months.


First you must grind 300 grams of linseed into a pulp, then put the pulp in a pan and pour 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil on it. After the oil boils, the resulting mass is placed on a gauze cloth. It is necessary to wait until it cools, and then apply it to the bottom of the abdomen and cover the top with plastic wrap.

Such a compress, if used regularly, has a positive effect on the reproductive functions of the body. It is necessary to keep the compress for at least 2-3 hours. Continued treatment is required for 60 days.


One of the most popular folk remedies for getting pregnant. Decoction of plantain has a beneficial effect on the menstrual cycle and also normalizes the hormonal background. To prepare a decoction, pour a teaspoon of seeds with boiling water. Boil the infusion for at least 5 minutes, and then drink the warm tea 4 times a day for 2 tablespoons.

How to get pregnant quickly – folk remedies

Medicinal plants for the restoration of reproductive function

In a separate category should be placed folk remedies to get pregnant if it does not work for a very long time.

  • Garden gueldergrass. It is used to treat very many female diseases, including preventing miscarriage. Infusion on cranberry is used to treat ailments caused by menstruation.
  • Abraham’s tree. It allows you to stabilize ovulation and restore the normal course of the menstrual cycle. The course of this folk remedy to get pregnant involves taking infusions for a long time, from three months.
  • Medicinal chamomile. This soothing herb, decoction from which relieves muscle tension and is used for uterine bleeding.
  • Ginseng. It can be used for cystic fibrosis mastopathy, hematuria and other diseases. Decoction from this plant regulates hormone levels and normalizes the menstrual cycle.
  • Licorice. The plant contains hormone active natural compounds. Decoction on its basis helps to normalize the menstrual cycle.

These folk remedies to get pregnant should be taken only after consulting with your doctor.

How to get pregnant quickly – folk remedies

Contraindications .

Not all folk remedies to get pregnant are suitable for every woman. Therefore, before starting to take herbs, you should consult a doctor for preliminary consultation. It is necessary to take into account that some plants have abortive properties, as well as affect the tone of the uterus.

Also take into account the individual intolerance of certain plants, including the risk of allergic reactions. For example, not all women are suitable for peppermint, plantain, red guelder. According to a doctor’s recommendation, you may need to refrain from rose hips, black currant leaves, and chamomile.

Another important aspect associated with the intake of folk remedies to get pregnant is that you should take natural infusions strictly with the current recipe. Drink decoctions of medicinal plants should be taken in certain courses, making sure to take breaks between them.

Determination of days for conception

The highest probability of conception operates in the middle of the female cycle, when the maturation of the egg occurs. In the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes sperm do not die until 6 days. Therefore, the most favorable for conception of a child are considered:

  • The day of ovulation;
  • The day preceding ovulation 5-6 days;
  • The day after ovulation.

If in addition 24-36 hours before ovulation to do a test to determine the increase in luteinizing hormone levels, namely LH, you can with maximum accuracy identify the days of high probability of conception. You should start testing 17 days before your expected menstruation.

To conduct the test, you need to put the test strip in your urine for 20 seconds and after 3 minutes evaluate the test. If it is paler than the control, there is no LH release, which means pregnancy has not occurred. Testing will need to be done every day at the same time.

Optimal days for conception

Another folk remedy to get pregnant is to count the days. They are determined by the basal temperature. Rectally measure the temperature every day at the same time, ideally in the morning. Based on the results, a graph is built. If the temperature rises by 0.4-0.5 degrees, it is a sign of ovulation.

How to get pregnant quickly – folk remedies

Some couples that seek to get pregnant quickly with folk remedies, try several times a day. The correct approach is as follows: 2-3 days before conception, completely eliminate intimacy. This will allow you to accumulate more spermatozoa, which will increase their activity. At the first act, their concentration is the highest.

Positions for conception

It is possible to speed up the onset of pregnancy through the right chosen position for sex. According to many experts, this is another folk remedy to get pregnant. Sexologists highlight the three most effective positions that help to see the long-awaited two stripes:

  1. Missionary position. This is the classic position, which is the most suitable for conceiving a child. You should also take into account the fact that this position is not suitable for women who have special physiological features of the uterus.
  2. Spoon pose. According to folk beliefs, this pose is most favorable for conceiving a girl.
  3. Pose from behind. It is a position in which the woman is on her knees, and the man is in the same position from behind. The effectiveness of this pose is due to the fact that the way of spermatozoa to the egg is reduced several times. This position should be paid attention to couples who dream about a boy.
How to get pregnant quickly – folk remedies

Choosing the right position for conception is a kind of folk remedy for getting pregnant. But the best position for maximum efficiency should be selected with the physiological features in the structure of the uterus. So, if there are bends in the uterus, then you should opt for the following poses:

  • Pose on the side. A woman should lie on her side and a man should lie behind her. It is obligatory to lie down on the side in which the uterus is bent.
  • Knee-elbow pose. The ideal position, as the sperm reach the egg much faster.

To achieve the most positive effect after intercourse, it is recommended to lie down for a few minutes. If you additionally take folk remedies, you will be able to get pregnant with the highest probability.

How to get pregnant quickly – folk remedies

You should keep in mind that folk remedies to get pregnant work only if there are no obstacles to the emergence of pregnancy from a medical point of view. If you eat right, avoid stressful situations and set yourself up in a positive way, pregnancy will come much faster.

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