Many women wonder how to get pregnant quickly after birth control pills. It is possible if you follow certain rules. Pregnancy can occur both immediately and some time after the full recovery of the body.

Pregnancy after birth control pills is possible. They are not always taken as contraception. Many of them act as therapeutic agents to restore normal hormonal background.

A doctor prescribes birth control pills in order to bring a woman’s reproductive function back to normal. The main rule is that the reception of contraceptives should be performed in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations.

How do birth control pills work

Such drugs block one of the hormones in the body, which is followed by the cessation of ovulation. Due to the fact that the follicle-stimulating or luteinizing hormone is poorly produced, the oocyte does not mature, due to which ovulation does not occur.

It is still possible to get pregnant after birth control pills. Contraceptives have this principle of action:

  • suppress ovulatory mechanisms, due to which the work of the ovaries is suppressed, which stops the production of certain sex hormones;
  • Changes the structure of the mucous membrane of the uterus, due to which the egg after fertilization can not take hold;
  • In the fallopian tubes reduced sperm motility.

All this leads to the fact that pregnancy does not occur.

How to get pregnant quickly after the pill

Is it possible to get pregnant after birth control pills

After a woman stops taking oral contraceptives, the chances of conceiving soon are great. The body begins to produce missing hormones, followed by the onset of ovulation. If a woman takes birth control pills to adjust her hormonal balance, once it is restored, it is possible to start planning a pregnancy.

To understand the likelihood of pregnancy after taking birth control pills, it is necessary to consider the individual characteristics of the body. After cancelling oral contraceptives, the hormonal background quickly returns to normal, followed by the restoration of reproductive function. There are cases where it takes some time to restore fertility, as the body adapts to the production of hormones.

How to get pregnant quickly after the pill

Therefore, how quickly a girl can get pregnant after birth control pills depends on her age, the duration of medication, the individual characteristics of hormonal regulation.

It is possible to conceive as early as the next ovulatory cycle after stopping taking the drug. That is, after two weeks. This is possible if there are no diseases of the reproductive system or concomitant pathologies.

Rules for planning a pregnancy after contraceptives

Pregnancy after contraceptives should begin to plan, having previously consulted with your doctor. Planning should be done according to several rules:

  • The first attempts should be started at least one month after discontinuation of contraception;
  • The course of the pills should be finished in full, because incorrect cancellation has a strong negative impact on the female body;
  • the attempts should be started after the menstrual cycle is fully restored;
  • At the beginning of pregnancy planning, vitamins and folic acid should be taken after the birth control pills.

If you carefully follow the above rules, the chances of a successful pregnancy increase several times. Ideally, the total period of taking contraceptives should be no more than a year. Due to this there is a very high chance of getting pregnant quickly after the pill.

When planning a pregnancy, you can accelerate fertility by giving up alcohol and tobacco smoking. Also conception of a child is promoted by reducing stressful situations and a proper lifestyle, including a rational diet.

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Possible problems during planning

It is not always possible to get pregnant quickly after the pill. There are factors that reduce the chances of a successful conception. Among them:

  • taking oral contraceptives for more than a year or violation of doctors’ recommendations: incomplete completion of the course, taking them at different times, self-selection without taking into account physiological characteristics;
  • the presence of gynecological diseases unrelated to hormone levels;
  • Bad habits, against which oral contraception is more difficult to endure.

It should be borne in mind that any contraceptive pills are hormonal drugs that completely rebuild the work of the reproductive system. Therefore, you should plan a pregnancy after birth control pills only after consulting your doctor.

A gynecologist or gynecologist-endocrinologist will conduct a complete examination, prescribe accompanying tests and examinations. This will reveal diseases of the reproductive system or hormonal imbalances. Thus, through analysis it is possible to detect what vitamins are missing.

Carrying a baby after taking birth control pills

If a woman manages to get pregnant after taking birth control pills a few months after their withdrawal, then carrying a baby goes without complications. There should be no negative consequences if taking oral contraceptives for a long time (more than a year). In this case, the recovery period of normal ovulation will be longer.

How to get pregnant quickly after the pill

One of the peculiarities of pregnancy is the presence of the “rebound effect”. Its essence is that after withdrawal of contraceptives, there is a sharp increase in the function of the ovaries. This is a kind of compensation for their “inactivity” when hormones come from outside. Due to the rebound effect, the chances of getting pregnant quickly after the pill increases several times.

If a woman has not fully sustained the recovery period of the body after taking oral contraceptives, the stage of childbearing can be accompanied by various complications. Therefore, pregnancy after birth control should take place under the regular supervision of a doctor.

How to increase the likelihood of successful conception

There are a few rules that will help if a woman is looking for a way to get pregnant quickly after birth control:

  1. Strictly follow all the doctor’s recommendations regarding the dosages, time and duration of medication use.
  2. After cancelling the medication, undergo a full medical examination.
  3. Plan to conceive a child 2 months after the end of hormonal contraceptives.
  4. Adjust your lifestyle by eliminating bad habits.
How to get pregnant quickly after the pill

If the medication was prescribed for normal functioning of the reproductive system, the pills are taken in smaller quantities. When planning a pregnancy after contraceptives, the number of pills consumed is gradually reduced.

If the pills were taken for contraception, you should finish the pack to the end, so as not to break the cycle of taking them.

Doctors’ recommendations

It is not always possible to get pregnant quickly after the pill, but it is possible. There are many different factors that affect a woman’s ability to conceive. Refusal to take birth control pills plays a significant role in this issue. Therefore, a woman should be sure that her health status allows her to get pregnant easily in a short time.

To increase the chances of a successful pregnancy after taking birth control pills, it is possible to use additional measures:

  • taking vitamin complexes, including vitamin B group and folic acid;
  • Stop smoking;
  • Abstain from alcohol;
  • Learn to manage stress.

In most cases, a period of time ranging from a few weeks to six months elapses between the last contraceptive pill and full restoration of fertility. But it also happens that a woman manages to get pregnant after taking birth control pills right away.

Doctors recommend waiting until the reproductive system has fully recovered from withdrawal of contraceptives. This will give an opportunity to normalize the hormonal background and metabolism, the menstrual cycle and general well-being. Two to three months after stabilization, it is possible to start planning a pregnancy after the birth control pills.

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