I often hear the phrase “I don’t sleep well” from moms in MomsLab programs. To improve the quality of sleep in the third trimester, let’s understand what exactly prevents you from sleeping:

  • Shallow sleep. You often wake up at 2-3-4 in the morning for no reason. And all because the sleep phase is superficial and easily “wakes you up”.
  • It is uncomfortable to sleep. This includes the size of your stomach, and difficulty breathing, especially after dinner for the night, which is not recommended in principle.
  • Constantly need to go to the toilet. You lie down for 5 minutes, but again you throw back the blanket and run to the bathroom. All because of fetal pressure on the bladder.
  • You don’t feel well. Muscle cramps, stomach discomfort, swelling, back and pelvic pain.

You don’t have to endure “until it’s all over.” Moreover, some moms still have problems after giving birth. This means that you should start fighting them right away. This will not only improve sleep, but also provide prevention from recovery problems.

Сон в третьем триместре

When it is uncomfortable to sleep with your stomach

Remember that the most important thing is that you get enough sleep. If you have read on the Internet a categorical “no” about sleeping on your back, and you can not sleep any other way, then sleep as you used to!

Any change in the state of the body, if you are in your right mind, you will feel through sleep. Then you can change your posture to a more comfortable one.

If it is difficult to breathe and you still want to sleep on your back, then lie half sideways. Put a pillow under one side, and you will feel that it is easier to breathe. In addition, there is less risk of numbness in the legs and impeding blood circulation in the pelvis.

For those who don’t like the previous method! It is possible to sleep on your left side for better blood circulation. In addition, this way you further reduce the discomfort and fall asleep.

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It helps to sleep better with an extra pillow. Buy either a special pillow for pregnant women or take a regular pillow. Put them under your feet to ease venous outflow, or between your knees.

Сон в третьем триместре

Frequent urge to pee and sleep in the third trimester

If there is a problem and you can’t get enough sleep, try these ways:

  • Don’t drink water at night, and consume most of your fluids in the morning and afternoon;
  • Lean forward as much as possible when coping with the need – this way you empty your bladder completely;
  • exclude medical conditions – consult a doctor, get tested to track possible infections.

How to get enough sleep when pregnant, when you are overexcited

An expectant mother is under special stress. Here and the anxiety for the upcoming birth, and for the well-being of relationships within the family. Sometimes unpleasant thoughts are out of control, and it is impossible to fall asleep.

How to help yourself if this happens too often:

  1. Put a reminder on your phone to go to bed, even if you don’t feel like sleeping. Try to get up at the same time in all circumstances to accustom your body to the regime.
  2. Come up with an evening ritual. For example, an hour walk close to home, a warm shower before going to bed, or all together! This is how you soothe and prepare your brain for sleep. Сон в третьем триместре
  3. Ask a loved one for a massage. Not only will you get a dose of the “closeness” hormone dopamine, but you’ll also improve blood flow and reduce stress levels.
  4. Do not lie for longer than 30 minutes. If the long-awaited sleep doesn’t come, don’t force yourself. That way you make the stress worse. Tell yourself, “If I don’t fall asleep in five minutes, I’m going to read a book. And really do it. Distract yourself and take the pressure off your psyche. After another paragraph of the novel, you won’t notice how yawning creeps up and you want to sleep again! Important! Do not use a cell phone, laptop or TV as a distraction – the blue screen and chaotic information only excite and awaken the nervous system. Check the temperature in the room. Ideally it should be 18-22 degrees. Regulate with the help of ventilation and open ventilation window.
  5. Remove light. If an annoying light shines in the window, then buy dense curtains or blinds. A budget option is a sleep mask.
  6. Check your clothes for pressure, excessive sweating because of the fabric, or scratching. This may be the annoying detail that you don’t notice.

Still having trouble falling asleep? Contact the experts at momslab.com for an online consultation, because sleep in the third trimester of pregnancy is very important!

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