Losing weight after childbirth: how to regain weight?

Causes of weight loss after childbirth

Rapid weight loss after childbirth can be explained by physiological processes, external factors or hidden diseases.

The first reason lies in the hormonal restructuring of the body. Hormones that accompany pregnancy affect metabolism in a certain way for the preservation and development of the fetus. The disappearance of these hormones can provoke an acceleration of the metabolism and, consequently, weight loss. The sudden weight loss after childbirth while breastfeeding is also explained by physiological reasons – the process of milk production is very energy-consuming.

The reason for weight loss may also lie in a change of lifestyle. Women lose weight after childbirth because they are too busy with housework and childcare procedures. Often young mothers do not have the time or desire to eat a full meal, which, in addition to physical activity, creates the ideal ground for weight loss. For the same reason, women suffering from postpartum depression lose weight, because one of the signs of the disease is loss of appetite.

However, in addition to relatively innocuous causes that disappear on their own over time, weight loss provokes diseases:

– thyroid gland;

digestive system;

– Parasite infection against a background of reduced immunity.

Losing weight after childbirth can have causes of different nature, but to exclude pathology, you should always consult a doctor.

Как набрать вес после родов

How to regain weight after childbirth – general recommendations

Weight gain after childbirth occurs most effectively when a woman approaches the problem comprehensively. It is advisable to consider all aspects of your daily life from this perspective and make adjustments that will help in weight regain.

Nutrition for sudden weight loss

The first thing to pay attention to is nutrition. After childbirth, it is recommended to eat often, but in small portions. This will allow the woman to constantly feel satiated and provide the body with the necessary amount of energy.

The diet should be varied and comply with the principles of healthy eating. For the purpose of weight gain should focus on dairy products, eggs, meat and fish, and baked goods. If a woman is breastfeeding, we must not forget about the allergenic properties of products.

The menu is drawn up depending on how much the woman lost after childbirth. An online course nutritionist can help you develop the right diet.

Как набрать вес после родов


In order to increase the caloric content of the daily diet, you can start consuming drinks with high energy content. These can be juices, whey, cream, tea with milk, and various smoothies.

Physical exercise

Exercise may not help in gaining weight after childbirth, but it is an excellent way to consolidate the result. Intense dieting can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of fat deposits. So a woman will quickly gain in volume, and the weight in turn will not increase much. In any case, it is useful to translate the mass into muscle.

But most fitness programs, offered in sports clubs and on the Internet, are aimed at losing weight, which will devalue all the work a woman does to gain it. A trainer of an online course will help you to create an individual program that will help you not to lose, but to consolidate the result.

Reduced workload

One of the reasons why women lose weight after childbirth is because of the enormous energy expenditure on daily household chores. Remove this cause completely impossible for most women, but we must try to at least reduce the load. To do this, you can shift some of the household chores on her husband or other relatives. If you can not count on such help, you can resort to the services of a nanny or cleaning company.

Резкая потеря веса после родов

Loss may be provoked by nervous exhaustion, which is caused by general fatigue and lack of sleep. To recover it is necessary to try to establish a sleep – to organize the space in such a way that the night rises of the baby brought as little trouble as possible, do not rule out the possibility of co-sleeping.

Either way, if a woman after childbirth began to lose weight – it is necessary to deal with this, whatever the causes of gradual exhaustion.

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