Despite the fact that most parents say they do not care whether their baby is a boy or a girl, many of them still want to know the sex of their unborn child as early as possible. At the moment there are many different ways to determine the sex of the baby without the use of technical aids. Among them – calculations based on the date of birth of the father and mother, folk omens, predictions based on taste preferences.

However, such independent “researches” may give you a surprise at the time of delivery. To find out the sex of the baby with a hundred percent guarantee is not always possible, even turning to specialists, who usually establish it with an ultrasound scan (ultrasound), especially if they are trying to do it in early pregnancy. In order for the result to be unambiguous and accurate, you need to choose the period that is optimal for determining the sex of the baby.

The process of forming the baby’s genitals

It is logical to assume that you can accurately find out the sex of the baby during pregnancy when the genitals of the future baby have already been formed. Features of its development in the womb are related to the fact that the sex is laid down by the father at the time of conception. It all depends on whether a sperm with an X or Y chromosome will fertilize a mother’s egg with an X chromosome. If it is Y, it will be a boy (genotype X), and if it is X, it will be a girl (genotype XX).

According to the genotype, from the 6th week of pregnancy the genitalia of future children begin to form. This will allow finding out the sex of the child in the future. The process begins with the appearance of a small bump where the future genitals of the born child will be located. And the tubercles look exactly the same in girls and boys. This stage lasts until the 11th week of pregnancy, so it is not yet possible to determine the sex from the ultrasound results.

When a presumptive prognosis can be made

After fetal development reaches 11 weeks, in male embryos the tubercle begins to transform into a penis. After 13 weeks, the genital organ increases in size when the male sex hormones synthesized by the future boy’s testicles in the future penis begin to convert to dihydrotestosterone.

Externally, the boy’s penis organ looks more elongated. At this stage, the testicles of the future baby remain in the tummy for now.

The testicles of the boy descend into the scrotum only when he reaches the 7th month of pregnancy. It follows that an experienced specialist can presumably know the sex of the child after this period. But the possibility of error is quite high and occurs in half of the cases, because:

  • The legs of the fetus may be closed, which may interfere with the determination of its sex;
  • take for the penis during the study in girls can be swollen labia, imposition of the finger, the loop of the umbilical cord.

When you can find out the sex without making a mistake

It is possible to find out the sex of the baby almost unmistakably already at 18 weeks. Since the doctor can easily identify a boy visually, he is also able to cope with identifying a girl. At 20-24 weeks the best time to determine the sex of the baby is considered to be 20-24 weeks. The baby itself is maximally mobile, and the gender signs of the fetus are already well distinguishable.

At this stage, it is not difficult to detect and examine the sex characteristics of the fetus, using modern methods of ultrasound examination. The most accurate way to find out the sex of the baby at the third ultrasound screening. The study is performed at 7-8 months of pregnancy, and at this stage there is no difficulty in determining the sex. The exceptions are:

  • The presence of multiple loops of the umbilical cord in the projection of the perineum;
  • The posture with strongly clenched knees and butt tightly pressed against the small pelvis;
  • breech presentation;
  • presence of scarcity, which also makes it difficult to visualize.

Accuracy of Sex Determination with Ultrasound

To date, ultrasound is the most accurate way to

Determining who will be born to a pregnant woman. However, there are nuances to this method. In addition to all the other causes that interfere with knowing the exact sex of the child, often there is a situation where, at the time of the ultrasound procedure, the baby is very active and turns to the doctor’s back and ass. In this situation it is much more difficult to know the sex of the baby.

Even with a fully formed genitals doctor can only make a guess. Some babies behave like this every time ultrasound probes are placed on a pregnant woman’s belly. The baby hears the sounds and actively tries to eliminate unpleasant for him, thus not allowing the doctor to know the sex of the child. However, this method rarely fails – the accuracy of gender determination is 97%.

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Other methods of determining the sex of the baby

Despite the high accuracy of ultrasound is not the only way to determine the sex of the future baby during pregnancy. One can find out the sex of the future baby with absolute accuracy through invasive diagnostics. The study is assigned by a doctor on medical grounds. Chorionic biopsy, when a sample of cells is taken from the placenta, and amniotic fluid analysis is only possible in cases where there is a real risk of serious illnesses that depend on the sex of the child.

However, this is an extreme case, and resorted to this method is quite rare. For various reasons, a certain number of women who are preparing to become mothers, resorted to and other techniques that allow you to know the sex of the child. This is especially true for those of them, whose babies are constantly turning away from the researcher during the ultrasound procedure. Such expectant mothers are ready to resort to any, even the most exotic ways to determine the sex of the future child.

Gender determination by heartbeat – is it possible?

Trying to figure out who to expect with the birth of a son or daughter, many women wonder whether it is possible to know the sex of the child by its heartbeat. There is an opinion that it is possible to find out by heartbeat. Experienced gynecologists take into account, among other things, the characteristics of the heartbeat, the location in the abdomen, and the frequency of contractions when determining the sex of the future baby in this way.

The accuracy of determination depends on the month of the pregnancy, since the fetus has different heart rates at different periods of its development. This method is criticized by official medicine. However, experts use it along with modern methods that allow you to know the sex of the child.

They include a non-invasive method. It can be used from the 2nd month of pregnancy. Prenatal test allows to know the sex of the child with a probability of 99.5%, and also exclude chromosomal abnormalities.

Folk signs on determining the gender

Women sometimes decide the question of how to find out the sex of the child long before the delivery of tests and the first ultrasound. Sometimes maternal intuition tells you who she carries under her heart, a boy or a girl. But more often women rely on a variety of omens to find out the sex of the baby. Among them:

  • mothers with a beautiful face and thin waist will give birth to a boy, and women whose face has pigmented spots will have a girl;
  • pregnant women who prefer sweets will give birth to girls, and those who like salty and spicy foods will give birth to boys;
  • Girls’ expectant mothers eat significantly less than boys’ mothers;
  • Mommy’s hair loss indicates that she is going to have a girl; intensive growth of hair all over the body indicates that she is going to have a boy;
  • The presence of reddish skin, a loose figure, and swollen legs is a probability that a baby male will be born.

Other signs and medical indicators of the baby’s sex

It is believed that you can find out the sex of the baby by knowing exactly the month of conception and the age of the pregnant woman. If the numbers of age and month of conception are even, then with a high degree of probability a baby girl is predicted to be born, and odd numbers – a baby boy. The most common omen is also the shape of the pregnant woman’s abdomen. It is generally thought that the low and rounded belly is for expectant mothers expecting a girl, and the sharp and high is more common for women who are pregnant with a boy.

There are also purely medical methods on how to find out the sex of the child. These include conception term, blood pressure, swelling, and heart rate.

It is possible to determine who a particular woman will be born by:

  • time of conception – after ovulation – to a boy, before – to a little princess;
  • Blood pressure – high – it will be a boy, low – a girl;
  • Heart rate – more beats per minute increases the likelihood of a son.

Inaccuracies and mistakes in determining the sex of the child

Of course, absolutely accurate to know the sex of the child without the use of unsafe techniques, a pregnant woman can only at the time of his birth. In all other cases, various mistakes and inaccuracies in determining the sex of the baby are possible. They occur most frequently in early pregnancy, when the genitals of the fetus are not fully formed, and the doctor during the ultrasound procedure is not possible with a high degree of probability to make a correct prediction.

Ultrasound is the most accurate of the current conventional techniques to determine the sex of the developing fetus. However, even this method sometimes gives erroneous results, which depend on the individual characteristics of the body of a particular woman and her unborn baby. Low qualification of the researcher is almost never the reason for an incorrect answer.

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