Hormonal yoga originated in Latin America and was invented by physician and psychologist Dina Rodriguez. During long studies, it turned out that yoga for female hormones is very useful, and that special breathing exercises combined with poses related to the tone of the lower body help to stabilize the hormonal background. Such exercises help to help women painful feelings that arise during PMS, as well as go through menopause more easily.

Гормональная йога

Yoga to restore the hormonal background

Hormonal yoga is especially important after the age of thirty-five, when the female body requires a much greater effort to maintain hormonal balance. Due to a gradual decrease in estrogen, a woman can become stressed and may become more irritable, nervous and restless. Low estrogen affects all the functions of the female body: headaches, heart palpitations and digestive problems arise. The woman’s sexual sphere experiences negative influence: uterus and mammary glands can shrink, menstrual cycle is disturbed.

Hormonal yoga exercises are aimed at stimulation of pituitary gland, ovaries, adrenal glands and thyroid gland. So yoga for female hormones can have a positive effect on the whole body and the emotional state of a woman.

Гормональная йога

Asanas and exercises: rules of performance

In order to do hormonal yoga, it is not necessary to have a serious level of training. The main thing is to know the basic asanas and breathing techniques. In this matter, consistency is important – in order to get results, experts recommend practicing every day, in the morning.

Relax and abstract from stress, from minor work issues, from everyday life. Take this time only for yourself and your body. Concentrate on your breathing and start your exercises.

Yoga classes at home

To practice hormonal yoga, you need to create a calm atmosphere: choose a beautiful mat, light aroma candles, wear comfortable clothes.

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Гормональная йога

Hormonal yoga benefits for women

Yoga classes restore the hormonal balance in the body. Harmoniously combining postures that affect muscle tone and breathing exercises, you contribute to the preservation of your own youth and beauty:

During menstruation, unpleasant feelings are reduced and premenstrual syndrome is easier to endure;

During menopause, you feel better and have less discomfort from hot flashes;

Thanks to the normalization of hormonal background, sleep improves;

The muscles of the body are strengthened, the general tone increases, and a burst of energy is felt.

In addition, hormonal yoga will be useful for those women who would like to get pregnant, but those who are not recommended by doctors to use hormonal therapy should refrain from classes.

Contraindications: cancer, endometriosis in the last stage, pregnancy, lactation period.

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