Peculiarities of hatha yoga practice in the 3rd trimester

Yoga complexes for pregnant women in the 3rd trimester include exercises that are sure not to harm the baby. Yoga classes for pregnant women in the third trimester include:

– Standing asanas with support (although if doing poses without support does not cause discomfort, you can do without it );

– Inverted postures, which were practiced before;

Pelvic opening asanas;

Relaxing poses of rest.

Beginners should be careful with forward bends: if performed incorrectly, they can be harmful.

Video classes on yoga for pregnant women in the 3rd trimester will help to choose the correct sequence of asanas.

Хатха-йога для беременных: 3 триместр

7 asanas for the third trimester


Cat pose is one of the most effective asanas of hatha yoga to improve the performance of the spine. It can be practiced in any trimester of pregnancy. To enter Marjariasana, you should kneel down, lean on your hands (hands strictly perpendicular to the floor), and spread your legs so that your stomach feels comfortable. Then slowly alternate two positions. First, the back is smoothly rounded, and the second, the chest is lowered down. In addition to the traditional performance of this dynamic asana, it is the basis for complexes of exercises, aimed at working out the back. There are variants of these sets in the video lessons on this site.

Хатха-йога для беременных: 3 триместр

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Supta Baddha Konasana.

Butterfly pose in the supine position is convenient for practice in the third trimester, for maximum comfort you need to use a pillow or bolster. Sit on the floor close to the bolster, and pull the joined feet as close to the pelvis as possible. Gently lower your back onto the bolster and your knees onto the floor. If it is difficult to put the knees on the floor, put bricks under the hips to avoid discomfort and tension in the lower abdomen. Asana stretches the hip drive muscles well, prevents varicose veins, and regulates the kidneys. Regular performance of the asana helps to ease the birthing process. Since Supta Baddha Konasana is suitable for rest, you can stay in this pose for quite a long time.Хатха-йога для беременных: 3 триместр

Ardha Chandrasana.

The Crescent Pose tones the lower back area, strengthens the legs, and resolves digestive problems. In the third trimester of pregnancy it is performed against the wall and with the support of special devices. To do asana, you should stand with your back to the wall, put a brick vertically about 20 cm away from your right foot, bend your right knee, lean on the brick with your right hand, and then raise your left leg parallel to the floor and straighten the right one. The left arm should be extended upward. Stay in this position for 30-60 seconds, then repeat the exercise the other way.

Хатха-йога для беременных: 3 триместр


The Garland pose trains pelvic floor muscles, stretches the inner surface of the thighs, eliminates pain in the sacrum. However, its performance is categorically contraindicated if doctors have determined that there is a threat of premature birth. To enter asana, you should squat and spread your legs apart, so that the belly fits comfortably between the thighs. Hands should be put into namaste – big fingers should be at the level of the solar plexus, and elbows should rest on the knees, as if slightly spreading them apart. For comfort, you can put a bolster under the pelvis. It is important that the heels are pressed firmly to the floor, if it is uncomfortable you can also put a blanket under them. Often, pregnant women practice this asana with support by the wall.

Хатха-йога для беременных: 3 триместр

Uttthita Hasta Padangushthasana (standing grasping pose)

This asana helps with varicose veins, prevents edema, and serves as a prevention of late gestosis. To practice it, you will need a belt and some high support, such as a stool or a window sill. The right leg is placed on the chosen support, grasp the foot with the strap, and stretch the supporting leg. Women with good stretching, if they feel well and are skilled in the original variant of asana, can do the exercise without support. Even without the strap, as it is possible to use a hand toes if you are well prepared. The time in asana is about 20-30 seconds. Then turn around and do the exercise the other way.

Хатха-йога для беременных: 3 триместр

Matsya Kridasana.

The pose of the swimming fish is a wonderful exercise for relaxation. It is even often recommended as one of the most comfortable sleep exercises. It also helps to cope with constipation and has a beneficial effect on digestion. To get the right position, you need to lie on your right side (or rather, take an intermediate position between lying on your side and lying on your stomach, so that your stomach is comfortable), the right leg should be extended, and the left leg should be bent at the knee and lie on the pillow. Hands interlocked and rest under the head, palms down, left elbow touching the left knee. One can also do Matsya Kridasana on the left side. This pose is even suitable for yoga complexes for beginner pregnant women in the 3rd trimester.Хатха-йога для беременных: 3 триместр


The deadpan pose can undergo changes when performed in the third trimester. If the position lying on the back does not cause discomfort to the pregnant woman, it is possible to continue doing it as before, only putting a bolster under the knees. If there is discomfort, it is preferable to choose one of the variations of asanas on the side. In the first variant, the legs are bent and a pillow is put between them, while in the second one, the lower leg is stretched and the pillow is put under the upper one.

Хатха-йога для беременных: 3 триместр

Yoga for pregnant women in the third trimester: peculiarities of home practice

Practicing yoga for pregnant women in the third trimester at home is very convenient: there is no need to waste time and energy on the road, you can be sure that the room is clean. The main thing is to observe safety techniques and not to perform asanas that cause discomfort. Since many yoga postures for pregnant women in the third trimester require special devices, it is worth taking care of the purchase of bolsters, bricks, supports or to think about how they can be safely replaced.

Хатха-йога для беременных: 3 триместр

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