Peculiarities of hatha yoga practice in the first trimester

Exercising yoga for pregnant women in the first trimester, while the body is only adapting to an unusual for it condition, it is important to exclude from the practice the asanas that put pressure on the abdomen. Experienced yogis should perform power asanas with caution, while beginners should listen to the body and not practice any postures that cause even the slightest discomfort. It’s better to practice a little bit, but daily. It is also recommended to reduce the time of asanas’ fixation, and not to include standing asanas into the complex of exercises, if there is even the slightest threat of miscarriage.

Поза лотоса

7 yoga asanas in the 1st trimester


To enter Shavasana, lie on your back and stretch your arms out along the body, palms facing up. Then one should mentally trace the relaxation of all muscles in sequence. The pose of absolute rest will help you find harmony and balance, relieve fatigue, and reduce anxiety. The simplicity of performing Shavasana is apparent. Completely relaxing the entire body is a challenge, but regular practice of the asana allows you to achieve the desired results.


Supta virasana

Hero asana performed on the back is one of the poses that saves from toxicosis, so it is quite common in yoga complexes for pregnant women in the early stages. The basis for its performance is a standard virasana. From this starting position, leaning on the floor with the elbows, it is necessary to bend backwards and carefully put the head and then the back on the floor. Then, without separating the shoulders from the surface, stretch your arms up. Beginners, who have a hard time with the traditional variant, should not refuse to include asanas in the complexes: it’s possible to make the exercise easier by putting a support (pillow or bolster) under the back.Хатха-йога для беременных: 1 триместр

Gomukhasana in Virasana.

Another pose performed from the hero pose. Sitting in virasana (it’s more comfortable to sit on a special brick, not on the floor), you should interlock your fingers behind your back. One elbow is on top, the other is underneath. After several breathing cycles, the hands should be changed. Gomukhasana strengthens the posture, opens up the chest well, and reduces toxicity.Хатха-йога для беременных: 1 триместр

Snake pose, which has a beneficial effect on the kidneys and improves the hormonal background, is often practiced at the beginning of pregnancy. To do it, you need to lie on the floor face down. Then the upper body with the support of the hands is lifted up, with the neck stretched out as much as possible. It is important to lift with the muscular strength of the body, and not by pushing up with hands from the floor. The legs are brought together, and the hips should not come off the floor.


Viparita Karani with feet against the wall

More often the name of the asana is translated as the bent candle pose. It is also known as the overturned lake pose. It can be performed either on the floor or on the bed. It is a position of lying on your back with your legs raised along the wall. A pillow should be placed under the lower back for comfort. The main purpose of the asana is to normalize blood circulation in the legs and pelvis. By including Viparita Karani in yoga exercises for pregnant women in the first trimester, you can significantly reduce the chance of varicose veins. In addition, this pose is ideal for relaxation.

Випарита Карани с ногами у стены

Baddha Konasana.

A popular pose that helps to balance the genitourinary system and stimulate blood flow to the pelvic organs. It is an excellent preparation of the body for successful childbirth and a wonderful prevention of varicose veins and radiculitis. A classic variant of the butterfly asana is performed sitting down. Knees are bent so that the heels are as close to the groin area as possible. The feet are brought together and the knees are lowered to the floor as far as the stretching allows.Хатха-йога для беременных: 1 триместр


Diamond pose stabilizes digestion, reduces acidity, and helps cure stomach ailments. This is a sitting position on the heels, or rather the inner surfaces of the feet. The thumbs are joined together and the heels are spread apart, thus touching the outer sides of the thighs. The eyes should be closed and the body relaxed. The time in asana depends on the experience of the practice, discomfort in ankles, knees or hips is a reason to stop the exercise.Хатха-йога для беременных: 1 триместр

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Hatha yoga 1st trimester: video lessons for beginners

Help balance the load when doing yoga for pregnant women in the 1st trimester video on our website. There are different complexes: one part is designed for regular exercise and gives the opportunity to work through the whole body. The other is aimed at specific tasks:

working out the back;

Strengthening pelvic floor muscles;

– learning to breathe properly;

– relaxation of the body and preparation for sleep;

– Getting a charge of vivacity (a set of morning asanas).

Yoga for pregnant women in the first trimester: what is useful for home practice

For a successful practice at home, expectant mothers will be useful videos on yoga for pregnant women in the first trimester, comfortable non-slip mat, blankets and pillows or special devices for yoga: bolsters and bricks. The room should be well ventilated, and clothes should not constrict movement and be pleasant to the body.Хатха-йога для беременных: 1 триместр

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