What do I need to practice yoga at home?

It’s not too late to start practicing yoga on your own at any age, regardless of your fitness level. Practicing at home allows pregnant women to practice in a comfortable environment at a convenient time, choosing the duration of the workout and the speed of the asanas depending on their well-being.

Хатха-йога дома: что нужно для самостоятельных занятий

Preparing for a yoga class

Oriental practice, in addition to its huge therapeutic effect, has contraindications, including spinal injuries and recent open surgery, acute osteochondrosis, the threat of miscarriage and premature birth, toxicosis, hypertension and several others. Therefore, before starting to perform yoga asanas at home, you should consult with the doctor supervised during the pregnancy to rule out any possible negative effects on the health of the mother and unborn child.

Beginning your acquaintance with yoga, it is useful to practice cleansing the body, the main points of which are described in the article on the website. If the expectant mother feels the need to get rid of toxins, and there are no contraindications for this procedure, a yogic cleanse will help renew the body, allow you to breathe more freely, give you a charge of vigor and confidence to start classes.

Хатха-йога дома: что нужно для самостоятельных занятий

You can easily learn yoga asanas on your own with the help of complexes made specially for pregnant women. Our training programmes on this website include exercises divided by level of difficulty and physical fitness of the future mother, and aimed at specific muscle groups and helping to eliminate discomfort and painful sensations that often occur during the period of carrying a baby. The classes offered have different duration and are led by an instructor at a comfortable speed with pleasant music.

What should I take to yoga?

Before starting an independent yoga practice, you need to choose a place at home, free of furniture and distracting objects. It is good if it is a separate room, which should be ventilated before the practice. It’s comfortable to do exercises on a gymnastic mat or a special yoga mat, if you don’t have one, you can practice on a folded blanket.

Хатха-йога дома: что нужно для самостоятельных занятий

Yoga practitioners recommend wearing a minimum amount of clothing to keep the body breathable. You should choose clothes for classes made of natural materials, which do not restrict movement, avoiding an abundance of all kinds of fasteners. Underwear should be with a minimum of seams and without embellishments that can cause discomfort. It is customary to do the exercises barefoot.

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For yoga at home, you need devices that are sold in a sports store or replaced with items available at home:

– belt;

– roller;

– A small pillow.

The use of the belt facilitates fixation of arms and legs for their extension, in case the muscles are not stretched enough and it is difficult to assume the correct pose on your own. A roller should be placed under the lower back to relieve tension during asanas; it can be replaced with a rolled up plaid. A cushion can also come in handy for comfortable exercises during pregnancy. Putting it under the pelvis makes it easier to keep the back straight, and you can reduce the load on the abdomen by clamping it between the thighs.

Studying yoga on your own is impossible without the help of video lessons that allow you to visually see the correct execution of asanas and get acquainted with the technique of their safe mastering. After choosing a suitable set of exercises on the website, you can start practicing at home during pregnancy, repeating the movements after the instructor and following the advice from the video.

Хатха-йога дома: что нужно для самостоятельных занятий

Daily practicing yoga for 15-20 minutes, the future mother will soon feel a burst of energy, improve health, learn to breathe properly and have a positive view of everything going on around her. Oriental gymnastics has a complex effect on the whole body, helps to get rid of bad habits and change self-awareness, because yoga – is not just gymnastics, this is a special way of life, aimed at achieving harmony of body and soul.

Хатха-йога дома: что нужно для самостоятельных занятий
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