Pregnancy brings its own adjustments to the usual rhythm of life. Sometimes, a woman’s body behaves unexpectedly, and produces symptoms that never happened before. This arouses interest, and is alarming. One such symptom is that during pregnancy, your hands get puffy in your sleep. Let’s get to the bottom of this issue, and understand if the symptom is dangerous, and how to relieve it.

Causes and symptoms of hand numbness in pregnancy

In pregnancy numb hands during sleep ? The most common cause is a circulatory disorder. Nerve impulses signal a lack of blood, and keep the limbs by minimizing possible movements. However, during pregnancy, several more are added to the characteristic cause:

  1. Hormonal changes in the body.

A woman’s body receives a powerful charge of hormones, which, on the one hand, makes carrying a fetus in principle possible, on the other hand – makes adjustments to how she feels, the processes going on in the body, appearance, mood, etc. Hormones, in particular, may cause numbness in the arms during pregnancy.

  1. Severe swelling.

Rare women can avoid swelling in pregnancy of the hands in their sleep due to swelling. The accumulation of water leads to increased pressure on the blood vessels, which complicates blood circulation.

Hands go numb during sleep during pregnancy
  1. Weight gain.

Another common cause of hand swelling in pregnancy is swelling of the hands in sleep. By now, all moms know that it is important to control your weight throughout pregnancy. This is not so much an aesthetic issue as it is a health issue. The strain on the body is already increased, and if there is any degree of obesity, the blood vessels decrease their ability to conduct blood correctly.

  1. Tunnel syndrome.

Tunnel syndrome is characterized by compression of the median nerve. Because of this, nerve conduction is disrupted, and you feel that the hands go numb when you sleep, in particular the fingers and hands. Along with numbness comes a feeling of burning, tingling, redness and swelling.

Hands go numb during sleep during pregnancy
  1. Lack of vitamins.

Also a frequent cause is a lack of iron. This is one of the main micronutrients that mothers need to replenish from the first days of pregnancy. Its deficiency is characterized by weakness, fatigue, and a decrease in hemoglobin. This leads to the fact that the hands go numb while sleeping during pregnancy.

Hands go numb during sleep during pregnancy

Less often, osteochondrosis and chronic pathologies of various types can be added to the causes. As a counterbalance we can mention the reason that lies on the surface – you sleep in an uncomfortable position, so that the tissues do not get enough blood. Therefore, if hand numbness happened for the first time, you should not panic. Consult a gynecologist if possible with this issue, and most importantly – trace the dynamics of the symptoms.

What are the dangers of hand numbness and possible consequences

In itself, the fact that the hands go numb while sleeping during pregnancy is not dangerous. This is a discomfort symptom, which may be accompanied by both a slight tingling and quite noticeable pain. However, what is behind this symptom can bring serious consequences.

We have already mentioned above that if your hands go numb in your sleep once or from time to time during pregnancy, you should not worry, it may be due to improper sleeping posture. Constant and intermittent pain can signal the presence of a disease that needs to be treated.

Hands go numb during sleep during pregnancy

Leaving your arm numb during pregnancy without attention, you risk aggravating a disease that will lead to complications in the course of pregnancy, negatively affect the baby or negatively affect the birth process.

Numbness prevention

If your hands go numb in your sleep during pregnancy, preventive measures can help. Moreover, these recommendations are useful for pregnant women in general. By introducing some changes to your habitual diet and schedule, you can achieve significant results in regulating your health.

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  1. Nutrition.

First of all, you should remove from your diet spicy and salty foods. Also you should completely refuse from the sausage products and canned food. Other products on the contrary should be included in your diet:

  • Protein products. They serve as a building material for the circulatory system, muscles, and improve cell function. In addition, protein is necessary for the proper development of the baby.
  • Products rich in calcium. For all the benefits of dairy products, make sure that what you eat is really made from milk. It is also worth checking how your body reacts. He should be comfortable digesting glucose.
  • Also, foods rich in magnesium and potassium should be in your diet on a regular basis.
Hands go numb during sleep during pregnancy
  1. Drinking.

It is important not only what you eat, but also what you drink. In the diet should be exclusively purified mineral water and herbal teas. Everything else should be left “for later”. In doing so, it is important to keep a water balance. Drink the right amount of fluids, calculated according to your individual needs.

Hands go numb during sleep during pregnancy
  1. Physical activity.

The reason that the hands go numb in sleep during pregnancy can be physical activity. Both their excess and deficiencies have a negative effect. So, you should completely abandon carrying heavy objects, bags on one shoulder, and minimize time spent sitting. What should you do?

  • Wear a support bandage.
  • Take frequent walks in the fresh air.
  • Do maternity exercises before bedtime, attend yoga or swimming.
Hands go numb during sleep during pregnancy
  1. More tips for preventing numbness in your hands when you’re pregnant.

Also implement a few good habits in your life that will help relieve unpleasant symptoms during pregnancy:

  • Completely abandon uncomfortable clothes that squeeze. Of course, pregnancy is not an excuse to look sloppy, but still, in this trembling period the most important thing is your comfort and the health of the baby.
  • If you have numb arms in pregnancy, choose a comfortable orthopedic mattress and pillow, buy a special pillow for pregnant women (especially in the later terms).
  • Try to avoid hypothermia.
  • Visit a massage.

But, the most important advice is to consult a doctor if you suffer from numbness in your hands while pregnant. Perhaps hand numbness is just a discomfort that will accompany you during a trimester, or even the entire pregnancy. Perhaps this is the body’s signal of a disease that needs to be treated today.

Folk remedies to combat numbness

To speed up the process of getting rid of an unpleasant symptom, or remove it “here and now”, you can supplement the doctor’s recommendations with folk methods. However, it is worth remembering that this is only an auxiliary part of treatment. Folk medicine offers safe and effective methods to alleviate hand numbness in pregnancy sleep, but with persistent numbness, it is important to find out and eliminate the cause.

Cucumber Tincture

Tincture can help alleviate the numbness syndrome, and eliminate unpleasant showing. Its disadvantage is a long preparation. The tincture is prepared for 10 days. You need to crush a few pickled cucumbers and a couple of red pepper pods. All this is made with vodka and kept in a glass container for 10 days. Infusion should take place in a cold place, so it is worth placing the jar in the refrigerator. After the time has passed, use the tincture to wipe your hands before going to bed.

Hands go numb during sleep during pregnancy

Baths with milk

If numb hands in pregnancy sleep, an effective and pleasant procedure is baths with milk. To do this, you should take about a liter of milk, an equal amount of water, 50 grams of honey and 400 grams of salt. All this should be mixed in a saucepan and simmer on low heat for half an hour. After the mixture has cooled, dip your hands in it for 15 minutes. A full course consists of 14 procedures before going to bed.

Wraps with pumpkin puree

Hands go numb during sleep during pregnancy

Pumpkin will also help prevent nighttime numbness. To do this, cooked pumpkin porridge should be put on the hands in a thick layer, put on cellophane gloves. So it is necessary to spend half an hour before going to bed. After half an hour, wash your hands in warm running water.

Tincture with lemon and garlic

In four days you can prepare an effective non-alcoholic tincture for use internally. Lemon citron + an equal proportion of garlic are poured with half a liter of water, and left for 4 days. After that, you must drink 50 ml. of tincture before going to bed.

Hands go numb during sleep during pregnancy

Camphor ointment in the morning

If the hands go numb in pregnancy, and in the morning you feel unpleasant effects, such as tingling, redness, take camphor ointment, eucalyptus essential oil and rub well on the hands with gentle massage movements.

Contrast shower for hands.

An urgent and simple method to relieve the symptoms when the hands go numb in pregnancy sleep is a contrast shower for the hands. It is worth only to hold your hands under hot-cold-hot water. However, it is worth remembering about the ongoing pregnancy. This imposes an impact on the permissible temperatures. Together with this, the effectiveness of the method may decrease.

Hands go numb during sleep during pregnancy

Copper bracelets

Evidence-free medicine also recommends the use of copper bracelets. By putting them on your hands at night, you will get rid of numbness in the first night. How much it helps when numb hands in pregnancy sleep is not studied, but there is no harm in this method, so you can try the folk wisdom on your own experience.

Drawing conclusions

To sum up, we would like to remind you that such an unpleasant, but seemingly unimportant symptom, is a reason to go to the doctor. Especially during pregnancy. It is also important to remember that folk medicine is most effective in conjunction with official medicine. If your hands go numb in your sleep during pregnancy – follow the doctor’s recommendations, take the prescribed medications and complement them with your favorite folk method. Be healthy!

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