Breast recovery

It is natural that the breasts after childbirth lose their former shape, because they are subjected to enormous stress. To restore the attractiveness of the breasts, you can do special exercises, follow the diet and feeding rules, resort to massages or other possible ways.

Приводим грудь в форму после родов

How to tighten the breasts after childbirth: exercises

The most effective way to tighten the breasts is the performance of physical exercises, as in this way develop the pectoral muscles directly responsible for supporting the breasts. You should start classes not earlier than two months after childbirth – for the first time, the weakened body is enough and the usual load, carried out in the process of caring for the baby.

Exercises for the breast after childbirth are divided into three types:

  • exercises without the use of additional equipment;
  • exercises with dumbbells and on simulators;
  • swimming.

For women practicing breastfeeding, the second type of exercise is contraindicated.

Before you pump up your breasts after childbirth, be sure to do a little warm-up. This can be running or walking in place, bending and turning the torso, swinging the legs.

In general, you should not dwell only on exercises for breasts after childbirth – any other physical activities also affect the pectoral muscles in one way or another. Particular fanaticism also does not make sense, as for a proper effect it is enough to exercise 3-4 times a week.

Приводим грудь в форму после родов

Exercises for breast lift after childbirth without the use of additional equipment

Such exercises include:

  1. Push-ups. The type of push-ups depends on the physical fitness of the woman. The most trained can do push-ups from the floor from a prone position, less trained – from a chair, bench or even a wall. The kneeling position will also help make it easier to do push-ups. Different in complexity variants of push-ups are presented in the program of the online course.
  2. Help to pump up your chest after childbirth are exercises such as arm extensions. Breast muscles are engaged when you pull your arms back, to the sides, forward. It is important to extend the arms with force, try to stay in this position for a few seconds.
  3. Circular rotations. Rotate the shoulders or straight arms alternately back and forth.

The exercise program of the online course includes, among other things, exercises that affect the condition of the breast after childbirth.


Swimming helps to firm up the breasts after childbirth, because this exercise also engages the pectoral muscles. Swimming can be replaced by aqua aerobics. Recommendations for choosing a course are presented on the online course momslab. However, all this requires time, which a young mother has a shortage of time – it is necessary to enroll in the pool and attend it on a schedule. Therefore, for many people it will be more convenient to do exercises at home at any time.

Other recommendations for breast restoration

In addition to exercise, it is possible to restore the breasts after childbirth in other ways:

  • diet;
  • massages;
  • masks and creams;
  • proper feeding;
  • selection of appropriate underwear;
  • use of a breast pump;
  • surgery.
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