Nutrition for Nursing Moms

Often inexperienced (and sometimes even large) moms keep themselves so tightly bounded in all things baby-related. Feeding the baby by the hour, feeding the mother also strictly by the hour, and even a strict diet. Detailed recommendations and expert advice on individual nutrition after childbirth when breastfeeding can be obtained at -onlinecourse

Many women absolutely in vain forbid themselves to add to their menu those dishes that they love, giving preference to boiled chicken breast and buckwheat. Nutrition a nursing mother after childbirth should be full, balanced and varied, because she needs energy to recover quickly after childbirth, as well as to care for a newborn. In addition, poor diet of a nursing mother negatively affects the quantity and quality of breast milk.

Еда для кормящих мам: рекомендации и советы

The basic rule of diet of a nursing mother should be just the right diet, without the “food garbage”. And let it become a way of life. Forget about sodas and alcoholic beverages, stop eating chips, crackers and other snacks. There is also a whole list of foods that breastfeeding mothers should exclude from her diet. But the main principle is minimalism. You should not eat at one time a kilogram of oranges, figuratively speaking, even if you really want to.

It is especially important to monitor the diet in the first days and months of life of the child, because the digestive system of the newborn is not yet fully formed. Introduce new products into your diet carefully and gradually. Perhaps a diary will help, where it is convenient to make notes about the food you eat and the reaction of the baby’s body to it, the occurrence of allergies or colic. This will help mom to identify the allergen.

Feeding mother’s food with the age of the baby in mind:

– The first month

Meat should be eaten in moderation, so as not to overload the liver and kidneys of the child. Fish and poultry are preferable. Fruits and vegetables are desirable to eat only after heat treatment.

– In the second month

You can gradually introduce cereals – barley, buckwheat and wheat. Allowed to diversify the menu with vegetables such as pumpkin, carrots, turnips, zucchini. Enrich the diet of a nursing mother with boiled chicken, turkey, rabbit, beef tongue, and pasta from durum wheat, homemade crackers and lean cookies.

– Months three to six.

You are allowed to drink fresh juices: for example, carrot and apple juice. Closer to six months, you can gradually introduce legumes, beef, seafood, dried white bread. At this time, usually a child begins to enter the complementary foods, so are allowed to experiment with the products. Remember, the baby’s allergy is not manifested immediately, it may have a cumulative effect. Therefore, each new product should be tested for a few days.

Питание после родов для кормящих мам: рекомендации и советы

Important tips about nutrition after childbirth when breastfeeding:

1) A woman’s diet during lactation should be balanced: you should not eat only two or three permitted foods and forget about all the others. The daily diet must include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

2) It is necessary to eat 4-6 times a day and in small portions. There is also a special approach to nutrition after childbirth, which will help you always stay slim. Its motto is: “Eat when you are hungry”. The scheme is simple: eat when you feel hungry, and finish your meal when you feel full. Enjoy your meal, have fun.

3) It is necessary to remember to drink (about 2 liters of water a day). This contributes to the timely production of milk. Only this does not apply to tea, on the contrary, it promotes the removal of liquid from the body.

4) You should not be afraid of being overweight. First, the body of a nursing woman needs more calories during lactation, and secondly, the menu of a nursing mother does not contain products with high calories, which can cause weight gain, and thirdly, walks with your baby for two or three hours every day, as well as sports on the -onlinecourse – a good exercise.

5) It is important to remember a sense of proportion. You should not abuse even approved products, this can adversely affect the baby’s body. In order to avoid causing colic or allergies in your baby, eat a little of everything, and do not give preference to any one product.

6) Fruits and vegetables are recommended to be added to every meal (preferably after heat treatment).

7) Minimize simple carbohydrates in your diet. Ideally, give up whole wheat flour and use whole wheat flour.

8) It is better to soak nuts and legumes beforehand, so that phytic acid comes out of them and they are better absorbed.

9) Ideally, eat freshly cooked food.

10) The last meal should be one and a half to two hours before bedtime.

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