Exercising after childbirth while breastfeeding

Despite a number of myths about breastfeeding, during this period it is possible to do almost all kinds of sports, with only some restrictions. The decision to breastfeed the baby should not negatively affect the young mother’s desire to get back into shape and restore the body after childbirth. Physical activity after childbirth is allowed and even useful with the right approach.

Особенности тренировок кормящих мам

Physical activity after childbirth: what is better for a nursing mother to do?

If you want, a breastfeeding mother can do any sport she likes, only with some restrictions. To exclude the possibility of harming yourself, it is enough just to warn the trainer about your status as a nursing mother. The instructor will make comments during training: to tell what is better not to do, what exercises can replace the forbidden.

But what to do if a young mother exercises on her own? Home exercise after childbirth when breastfeeding is better to conduct a specially selected program. This way a woman will protect herself.

An online course provides a program for self-training in yoga during breastfeeding. Such exercises are good for a woman’s emotional state, normalize sleep, and strengthen all muscle groups.

Особенности тренировок кормящих мам

If the goal of sports is to lose weight, running is a good option. Contrary to popular belief, running is allowed for breastfeeding mothers as well. True, there are additional conditions for them – wearing a comfortable bra during training, as well as a moderate pace. Running to total exhaustion is also not worth it.

Another type of exercise that is suitable for a nursing mother is Pilates. This program will help to restore abdominal muscles, strengthen the spine and pelvic organs. All movements are smooth and measured. Suitable for lovers of static loads.

Fitness training after childbirth will be suitable for breastfeeding mother only if she has already fully recovered. This is due to the fact that most of the classical exercises are prohibited in the first few months after childbirth. The specific timing is set individually and depends on the progress of recovery.

For those women who have time to exercise outside the home, swimming can be recommended. Water aerobics, a popular alternative to regular pool visits, has an extremely positive effect on recovery after childbirth. When going to the pool, it is important to make sure that you do not catch a cold because of temperature fluctuations.

Особенности тренировок кормящих мам

The appropriate type of sport for herself each woman chooses for herself. It depends on her preferences in sports, goals of training, as well as the availability of free time and opportunities to attend classes outside the home on a schedule. It is very important during sports to follow a drinking regime – you should replenish the fluid lost during sports by drinking 100 ml of water from time to time.

Contraindications to physical activity after childbirth

As mentioned above, exercise for breastfeeding mothers is beneficial: mood improves, breast milk production is stimulated, the body is restored. Problems may arise only if the wrong approach to exercise.

The only kind of physical activity, which is better to postpone during breastfeeding – exercises at the gym with weights, barbells and other weights that put pressure on the breast.

Особенности тренировок кормящих мам

Also incompatible with breastfeeding professional sports. It is because of excessive loads all those unwanted consequences appear, which intimidate young mothers – loss of milk, refusal of the child from the breast. In other cases, just listen to your body and do not overexert yourself.

In any case, before you start exercising after childbirth while breastfeeding, it is better to consult your gynecologist.

The frequency and duration of exercise is important: you should not overload yourself with exercise after childbirth. A program that includes a small set of exercises for 30-40 minutes is suitable for a breastfeeding mother. It is enough to do them three times a week, but there is a general principle for recovery after childbirth: it is better to exercise more often, but not for a long time, than to organize a marathon once a week.

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