Easy yoga postures for pregnant women

Even moms-to-be who have never practiced yoga before will not have any problems with the initial yoga postures, as they have several variations in difficulty and are performed using devices that make the workout easier. Pregnant women with good physical training, practicing Oriental gymnastics for a long time, can find it useful to include simple yoga postures into their daily routine as relaxing and compensating elements between difficult exercises.

Простые асаны йоги: легкие позы для беременных

Simple yoga postures

Movements in asanas are performed smoothly, observing the rules of safe entering and exiting the pose. In case of discomfort, it is recommended to stop the exercises. The correct position of the body in light yoga poses is shown in the photo.

Shavasana (Corpse Pose).

The first asana in yoga to relax the body, which helps to restore breathing and rest after practice, calm down and free the brain from unnecessary thoughts:

Lie on your back, spreading your straight arms away from your body and placing a small pillow under your knees. If lying on your back is not comfortable, you can lie on your side and pinch a pillow between your thighs to reduce the load on your stomach, or bend one leg at the knee and place it on the pillow over the other leg.

Простые асаны йоги: легкие позы для беременных

Jatthara Parivartanasana (Abdominal Rotation Pose)

Performed from Shavasana and serves to stabilize the digestive system, helping during exacerbations of gastroenterological diseases:

While lying on your back with your arms spread out at the shoulder line, bring your legs together and away from your body. Place a pillow between your thighs comfortably. Turn your legs at an angle that is comfortable for your present state of health and gestational age.

Простые асаны йоги: легкие позы для беременных

Virabhadrasana I (Warrior Pose)

Strengthens the legs and develops a sense of balance, makes breathing easier by opening the chest, and helps one to concentrate:

Taking a wide step along the mat, bend the front leg at the knee and extend the back leg and place it on your toes. Put your palms together with straight arms raised above your head, trying to keep your back straight and open your chest as much as possible.

Простые асаны йоги: легкие позы для беременных

Marjariasana(Cat Pose).

Helps with back and neck pain, has a gentle massaging effect on the abdominal organs, improving their function. Performing the exercise after childbirth helps to “collect” the abdomen and return a slim figure:

Kneel down, resting your shins, toes and palms of your straightened arms on the mat. As you inhale, round your back, putting your head between your hands; as you exhale, bend toward the floor, lifting the top of your head up.

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Простые асаны йоги: легкие позы для беременных

Adho Mukha Shvanasana (Downward-facing dog pose).

Helps to gently stretch the body by strengthening the leg and ankle muscles. Daily performance of the pose at the end of the day will help relieve fatigue and tension:

After doing the incline, assume an angled body position over the mat, with the straight sides forming outstretched arms and legs. Mastering the classical pose is quite difficult for beginners, so you can facilitate the performance of the asana in the following ways:

– Lean on your toes, bending your knees and raising your heels above the floor;

– Starting with an incomplete bend over a chair or other support with straight arms.

Простые асаны йоги: легкие позы для беременных

Malasana (Garland Pose)

Recommended to relieve pain in the lumbar spine and reduce fat deposits in the lower body:

Spreading your feet along the mat about one meter wide, squat deeply with your arms folded in namaste. Hold the pose for 3-5 breathing cycles, trying to keep your back straight and breathe calmly.

In this position, do the exercise for the pelvic floor muscles, which improves the blood supply to the pelvic organs, preventing blood stasis and the occurrence of gynecological diseases:

On the inhale, tighten the perineal muscles, on the exhale, relax them, doing this exercise at a different pace. You can start in rhythm of calm breathing, then alternate tension and relaxation of the muscles as quickly as possible, without tying them to the in – exhalation.

Простые асаны йоги: легкие позы для беременных

The importance of doing easy poses every day

While mastering yoga with simple asanas, it is useful to learn proper breathing at the same time, without which the oriental practice will not be complete. Yogic breathing techniques promote oxygenation of organs and tissues, enhance the positive effects of exercises, improve metabolism and help the expectant mother to alleviate pain during contractions and labor.

Простые асаны йоги: легкие позы для беременных

The first postures in hatha yoga teach pregnant women how to listen to their own bodies and their needs, prepare muscles and ligaments for other asanas, improve well-being and mood, and give energy for daily activities. The positive effect that the simple elements of yoga have on the body makes it necessary to do them on a daily basis and then include them in more advanced level workouts.

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