How to remove diastasis after childbirth?

Many women face the problem of abdominal muscle distention after childbirth, and at the same time they face the problem of finding reliable information on how to remove diastasis after childbirth. The exercises offered on the web are not always safe. Therefore, exercises for diastasis of the abdominal muscles after childbirth can be performed only under the supervision of a competent specialist. Such services are offered by the online course program.

расхождение мышц живота после родов

Diastasis after childbirth: what not to do

The first thing to understand is that exercises for diastasis abdominal muscles after childbirth should begin no earlier than 5-8 weeks after EP and 8-12 weeks after the CC. The fact is that during this time the abdominal muscles can recover on their own, and it is too early to talk about diastasis.

It is also important to learn that if a woman has diastasis after childbirth, classical exercises for the abs are strictly contraindicated – so the situation will only worsen. Therefore, exercises with diastasis after childbirth should not include all kinds of variations of the plank, twists, push-ups. Some moms practice stretching the abdominal muscles in the hope of curing diastasis after childbirth, which is categorically forbidden – it will only worsen the situation.

Lifting heavy weights is also unacceptable. Since the child also has some mass, you should carry him using slings or other devices that ease the load on the abdomen.

Abdominal muscle separation after childbirth: how to restore the former shape

To begin to restore the shape of the abdomen after childbirth, you must first determine the degree of muscle divergence. This can only do a surgeon with a manual examination or ultrasound. It is the doctor will make recommendations for further action. Most often as a treatment are special exercises, tips on how to perform which can be obtained from the coach of an online course. However, in particularly serious cases, surgical intervention is required.

Диастаз после родов: комплекс восстановления

Diastasis after childbirth: how to eliminate (exercises)

When a woman is diagnosed with diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles after childbirth, exercises can be started from the day of diagnosis, unless the doctor recommends otherwise. As a rule, gymnastics or swimming is used in this situation. Many exercises from yoga are also suitable for the recovery of abdominal muscles.

Gymnastics is a classic way of diastasis recovery after childbirth. Exercises for overcoming diastasis are not too intense and involve a gentle load, because the main thing in such a situation – do no harm. And harm yourself can be even sloppy exercises, attempts to increase the load and make more approaches, hoping to get rid of diastasis of abdominal muscles after childbirth more quickly, which is done extremely undesirable.

So, the following exercises will help to cope with diastasis:

  1. Bending the legs from the prone position. Bend your legs one by one, slowly, without taking your feet off the floor. Perform 15-20 repetitions for each leg in one workout.
  2. Pelvic raises from the supine position, legs bent at the knees. Do it slowly, not too amplitudinally, so as not to inadvertently stretch your abs.
  3. Breathing exercises. Implies the usual laws of correct breathing: breath nose, 2-3 seconds breath retention with the inclusion of abdominal muscles at work, and exhale through the mouth. All this is done with a straight posture.

Yoga can also help to effectively deal with the problem of a bulging tummy, but not all asanas are allowed to do with diastasis. Therefore, for those who are bored with ordinary gymnastics, and yoga is more interesting or habitual, suit a set of training online course, which includes also classes on yoga.

Диастаз после родов: комплекс восстановления

Swimming helps cure diastasis with minimal risk of overstretching the abdominal muscles, because the load is softened under water. However, you should not practice on your own for recreational purposes all the same – to solve the problem with the help of swimming you will also have to select a competent instructor.

You should not expect quick results from regular exercises to eliminate diastasis: even the treatment of minimal muscle divergence takes several months. More serious forms of the disease may not disappear for several years.

Additional Ways to Combat Diastasis

Physical exercise is the main way to fight diastasis. Additional measures are used to speed up the recovery process:

  1. Wearing a bandage. It is used to reduce the load on the damaged muscles.
  2. Special diet. Selected with the help of a specialist. An online nutritionist will give dietary recommendations to help with diastasis.
  3. Consumption of juices, compotes, morsels are all a source of vitamins C and A, which are necessary for connective tissue.
  4. Massages, masks, wraps and other cosmetic procedures.
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