The asana of “indestructibility” – Vajrasana

Vajrasana is often used as the basis for other asanas, but is also effective on its own. It is considered to be very convenient for meditation if the lotus pose is not yet available. Asana embodies a symbol of steadfastness and steadfastness. It is believed that a person who practices it will be as strong and with the same “clear” consciousness as a diamond.

Асана Алмаза в хатха-йоге

The safest pose that has almost no limitations. Unlike other asanas, Vajrasana is allowed even after a dense meal. Moreover, it is recommended to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract!

Diamond pose helps to deal with other diseases of the stomach and intestines, as well as reduce the discomfort of hemorrhoids. This effect is explained simply. Because the asana weakens blood flow to the pelvic floor area, due to which it also gives relief to the sacrum and pelvic floor muscles. Before and after pregnancy, this pose can normalize the cycle.

During meditation, the pose is the least “distracting” and calm:

– it is easy to hold your back;

– there is not too much tension in the legs;

– the chest is open and breathing is free.

Асана Алмаза в хатха-йоге

Diamond pose – how to perform?

  1. Get on your knees, then start gently lowering your buttocks onto your heels.
  2. Make sure your big toes are brought together and your heels are apart.

If you feel pressure in the ankle, you can put pillows or place the sciatic bones on a small elevation. For example, take a yoga block and place it between your heels. Sit on the block so that your shins are still below your buttocks, but with this elevation experience less tension.

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3. Place your relaxed palms on your knees.

4. Chest stretch upward, but avoid excessive flexion in the lower back.

5. Shoulders relaxed, no need to forcefully bring the shoulder blades together.

6. The back is straight, and the neck with the head as its natural extension.

7. Close your eyes and relax. You can imagine that you are “breathing” through the top of your head. With each exhalation all the problems and negative emotions come out, and with each inhalation – new energy and resources come into you.

Асана Алмаза в хатха-йоге

Diamond pose and contraindications

If there is discomfort in the ankles, you should not tolerate it. Step out of the pose and extend your legs in front of you. Do compensatory exercises: pull your socks forcefully toward you and then away from you until you feel the pain go away.

You can return to the pose with a lighter version. Over time, your feet will adapt and you will be able to stay in the pose for a longer period of time.

If there are discomfort in the thighs, you can put the knees wider.The thicker the mat or plaid, the easier it is for the knees to carry the load in the asana.

Do not perform the asana if you have ankle or knee injuries. Do not tolerate pain, freely use tools to relieve the asana or refuse to perform it at all for the duration of the ailment.

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