Heron asana in hatha yoga

Heron pose in hatha yoga is one of those asanas that require a fair amount of experience and skill. It requires a well-developed flexibility of muscles and joints. One leg is stretched upwards, the other is on the floor and tucked, the whole figure resembles the outline of a long-necked bird.

To perform this exercise, it is necessary to prepare the body and first perform the postures of intense side stretching, bending over to the legs and looping. After these preparatory asanas, you can proceed to kraunchasana.Краунчасана: поза цапли

Benefits of Heron Pose

Due to the fact that this asana tenses and stretches both the abdominal muscles and the muscles and joints of the pelvis, back, as well as the legs and arms, kraunchasana helps

– Intensification of blood circulation in the pelvic and abdominal organs;

– Strengthening of the spine;

– activation of the kidneys;

– normalization of the menstrual cycle;

– Improvement of digestion through more active peristalsis;

– Balancing the hormonal background and metabolism.

Heron pose also promotes mobility and flexibility of the hips, knees, ankles, has a good effect on the heart. Like all stretching and flexibility exercises, it is good for toning the body.Краунчасана: поза цапли

Kraunchasana technique

At least two hours after a meal, with an appropriate frame of mind, you can begin the exercise.

The starting position is the staff pose – Dandasana. Sit on the mat and stretch your legs forward. The back is straight. Straight arms are pressed to the body, palms on the floor on either side of the hips.

2. Then bend the right leg and pull the foot back. In this way, the heel is pressed against the right hip joint. If you look at the person doing this exercise in full-face, you can see the knee of the right leg and the heel of the left leg, stretched out. Try to keep your knees together.

As you exhale, bend your lower back, bend your left leg and put your arms around your foot, and then extend your leg. Carefully straighten the leg, keep your back straight, and go through several deep breathing cycles in this position.

As you exhale, pull the straight leg towards yourself so that your chin touches the knee. Breathe deeply. Try to keep your right knee pressed to the floor.

5. As you inhale, bend your body backward, put your left leg down, take your hands off the foot, straighten your right leg and return to the original staff posture.

6. After several breathing cycles, repeat everything again with the other leg.Краунчасана: поза цапли

Possible errors in the heron pose

It is not recommended to perform kraunchasana if you have injury to your knee or ankle, or if you are menstruating.

Mistakes when performing this asana can be related to the position of the back. Inexperienced performers sometimes forget to keep it straight, thereby making it more difficult for themselves. Other mistakes are related to breathing. Some exercises are done on the exhalation, some on the inhalation, and this is important because when you exhale, you release excessive tension, and when you breathe in, you get a pulse of energy.

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