Pros and cons of foot baths

Your situation has changed – now the procedures that you are used to, such as foot baths, in pregnancy should be reconsidered. Because of ignorance, especially in the first pregnancy, it is possible to make mistakes. For example, if you do not yet know the body’s reactions at the time of pregnancy.

Someone strives to take fewer pills. Looking for alternatives to pills for the head, with caution in treating colds.

So, if you feel sick and want to be cured with a foot bath – is it worth it? We’ll figure it out together.

Excessively hot water is bad for you.

If you’re used to very hot water and even steam your feet in a closed, unventilated room, you may not like the consequences:

– risk of fainting;

– high blood pressure;

– a feeling of suffocation and oxygen deprivation for the baby;

– bad effects on the legs if you have varicose veins.

We reduce the procedure time to 5 minutes.

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Можно ли парить ноги во время беременности

So for the same reason we forget about adding mustard and other warming methods. The water is already hot, you absolutely do not need to enhance the effect.

Foot baths during pregnancy: do it right

If you want to soak your feet, and there are no alternatives at hand – warming electric “valenki”, for example, then switch to a light mode:

– Water at a pleasant room temperature.

– If it cools down very quickly, we do not pour boiling water, but a little hotter water.

– Steaming in a room where it is easy and free to breathe.

– Do not sit still for a long time – be guided by the sensations.

Important: Do not leave your feet wet and do not smack barefoot out of the water immediately on the floor. Prepare a towel, comfortable natural socks. Afterwards it is useful to lie under a blanket.

Можно ли парить ноги во время беременности

If the purpose – not to warm the feet, but purely cosmetic, then the same. Treat the heels, pedicure and other procedures, then first finish with a bath, and then proceed to everything else, so as not to forget to monitor the condition. Remember that foot baths during pregnancy should be approached carefully and wisely.

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