A woman will know that a pregnancy may have occurred by a number of indirect signs. Before a pregnancy test can be performed to find out whether she is pregnant, she can tell from her sensations. One of the main symptoms of fertilization, which may appear even before the delay of menses, is usually a pain in the chest at conception.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that such symptoms are also characteristic of pathological processes. It is possible to unequivocally determine the nature of the discomfort in the breast only during a face-to-face examination by a doctor. To diagnose the presence of pregnancy or to identify the other cause of mammary gland soreness is absolutely necessary in order to rule out severe diseases, to promptly assign adequate treatment and prevent serious consequences.

Breast pain after conception1

Is pain in the chest a sign of conception

With the onset of pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes hormonal restructuring, which prevents subsequent ovulation. It is necessary to preserve pregnancy, prepare the body for childbirth and breastfeeding. Breast pain after conception for several reasons. This includes the fact that the level of chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which begins to produce tissues of the embryo, after its attachment to the uterine mucosa, changes.

HCG affects the production of hormones (including progesterone), the development of mammary ducts, and the formation and formation of new lobules. Progesterone levels also change, under the influence of which the uterine endometrium grows. The breasts begin to prepare for lactation – the glandular tissue grows and the blood supply increases. Tissues squeeze vessels, swelling occurs, nerve endings are irritated, leading to painful sensations.

What else causes pain in the breasts after fertilization?

In addition, the breasts after conception can hurt because of changes in the level of prolactin – this hormone is also involved in the maintenance of pregnancy, preparing the mammary glands for lactation. The increase in its level begins after 8 weeks, reaching a maximum by midterm. Prolactin affects the mammary glands after conception, causing a rapid proliferation of secretory tissue, which is designed to produce breast milk, occurs precisely because of the effect of prolactin on the mammary glands after fertilization.

As with the production of hCG and progesterone, the physiological changes caused by prolactin are accompanied by painful sensations. It can be not only pain, but also:

  • itching;
  • burning;
  • a feeling of heaviness;
  • tingling;
  • tingling;
  • General discomfort.

These sensations spread to the back, armpits, arms, and intensify with changes of body position and movement. Darkening of the areolae and nipples, swelling are characteristic.

When can breast pain appear?

Women are interested in the question of when the mammary glands begin to hurt after conception. It can happen not earlier than day 5 – 10, when implantation occurs after fertilization. Embryo introduction into the uterine endometrium occurs 2 – 3 days before the start of the next menstruation. Until then, the fetal egg is not associated with the mother’s body, it exists autonomously. By the second trimester, fluid begins to accumulate in the alveoli, the ducts dilate, which causes the breasts to enlarge. Nipples darken, dilated veins begin to show through, and stretch marks appear on the skin.

In the third trimester, the mammary glands mature, at this stage the breasts at conception usually do not hurt. On average, during the whole pregnancy your breasts increase by 1 to 2 sizes. The timing of the appearance of specific sensations in the breasts depends on the constitution of the woman. In astenics and normostenics – in a week after conception, in hyperstenics – in 2 – 4.

Breast pain after conception2

Do the painful sensations always appear?

Breast pain after conception is not for all women. Breast development can occur without the manifestation of unpleasant sensations. In some cases, there is simply a venous network in the skin of the mammary glands and increased nipple sensitivity. With repeat pregnancies, this situation may occur again, especially if there is a small break between children. The absence of pain is also considered the norm, if the size of the breasts were initially impressive.

It is important to know that if at 8-9 weeks or later there was a sudden disappearance of breast pain at conception, this may be evidence of a frozen, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage. It is also necessary to rule out hormonal abnormalities, in which breast pain during conception may not appear.

Breast pain and false pregnancy

Women who have long dreamed of motherhood may have a condition called false pregnancy, during which all the signs of conception may appear. This condition is a psycho-physiological disorder, which the woman mistakenly takes for a pregnancy. The onset of a false pregnancy is characteristic of women who have emotional disorders. That is, in fact, the physiological act of fertilization by sperm of the egg, the implantation of the embryo in the uterus is not.

The woman simply assures herself that conception has taken place. In this case, the psyche imitates pain in the breasts at conception and other signs of pregnancy – her period stops, her mammary glands and abdomen increase. In this case, a comprehensive treatment with the participation of an endocrinologist, gynecologist, psychotherapist.

How pain during conception differs from PMS

Breast pain at conception should be distinguished from the sensations that are usually characteristic of PMS. Signs that appear in many women are identical in nature to the pain in the mammary glands at the onset of pregnancy. It is possible not to confuse symptoms of PMS with hormonal restructuring that occurs during conception and, consequently, with changes in the breasts, by distinctive signs.

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Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome occur in relation to the onset of menstruation at the same time, namely about a week before the period. In PMS, in addition to pain there is also a general emotional instability, irritability, tearfulness. These manifestations last for several days, gradually decreasing in intensity, and disappear on the eve of the period.

How long do breasts hurt after fertilization

If a woman is faced with such a phenomenon as soreness of the mammary glands, she cannot help but be concerned about the question of how long the breasts hurt after conception and whether the quality of life will be poisoned by the presence of these unpleasant sensations. Experts have found that the duration of the condition of breast soreness at conception depends on the individual characteristics of the body of a particular woman. In most pregnant women, the maximum manifestation of unpleasant signs is in the 1st trimester.

This is due to the fact that significant hormonal rearrangements occur precisely during this period. As a rule, the pains pass in the 2nd trimester. However, in the 3rd trimester these sensations may arise again due to the production of colostrum. The pain persists after the birth of the baby, appearing at every feeding. This is due to the production of milk, each time occurring when you put the baby to the breast.

Ways to reduce pain

There are several ways to reduce painful symptoms in the breasts. By the second half of the day with normal blood circulation, an active lifestyle, and good lymph flow, breast sensitivity decreases, and swelling in the glandular tissues goes away. By morning, the discomfort resumes, the swelling in them increases.

Reducing pain in the breasts at conception contributes to:

  • exercise;
  • special underwear;
  • diet.

Of course, a hundred percent guarantee of immediate relief from pain does not give any of the proposed methods. However, if a woman adheres to the recommendations of the doctor leading the pregnancy, it will be possible to alleviate the condition and reduce pain in the mammary glands before the discomfort is eliminated naturally.

Breast pain after conception3

Lingerie and nutrition

To reduce breast pain during conception, experts advise choosing a bra in size, made of breathable natural materials, with wide straps and without stitches. He should not squeeze the chest, rubbing the nipples. You should wear it only during the day, your breasts should rest at night. If hypersensitivity of nipples disturb the woman’s sleep, you should wear a top without stitches at night.

Enriching the diet with fruits and vegetables will improve the situation – it will optimize metabolic processes. Greens, legumes, nuts, flax seeds and ginger increase blood circulation in the breast and relieve pain reduce nipple sensitivity. Lemon helps to reduce symptoms of toxicity, improve blood flow by increasing vascular tone promotes lemon. It is worth limiting the use of salt, including canned, salty, smoked products, hard types of cheese.

Physical activity

Gymnastics for the arms, chest and shoulder girdle help to increase blood flow and lymph flow, and reduce tissue swelling. However, you should exercise with caution, especially if before pregnancy a woman was not fond of physical activity. Even if the chest hurts after conception, but the body is accustomed to exercise, it is worth continuing them, having previously consulted with your doctor. Power sports, as well as those associated with lifting weights, jumping in this period is strictly contraindicated.

In the absence of contraindications, moderate physical activity is necessary, even at a late stage. Exercise normalizes blood flow, tones blood vessels. Very useful for pregnant women Nordic walking, which can be replaced by an ordinary walk in the fresh air, as well as daily morning warm-up and exercises on the chest muscles. A good choice is a swimming pool or a special fitness for expectant mothers.

Water treatments

When your breasts hurt after conception, a warm shower will help reduce the pain syndrome. And it should be warm, not hot. Such a water procedure improves blood flow in the mammary glands, expands blood vessels. A good result gives a contrast shower – alternating warm water with cool water, if the woman does not experience discomfort. This will reduce the heaviness and pain in the breasts at conception, keep the skin toned, and prevent stretch marks. For breast hygiene, it is worth using mild soaps, gels.

Dry the skin after water procedures with a soft towel, light touches, without squeezing or rubbing the mammary glands, then apply natural, quality moisturizers and nourishing products. A couple of times a week you can make a mask of blue clay, which eliminates dry skin, reduces swelling. After that – apply cream.

When there is a reason to see a doctor

Even knowing how long after conception the breast begins to hurt in the normal course of pregnancy, not all women can distinguish the natural signs and sensations at fertilization from those that indicate pathology. There is reason to suspect its presence if:

  • there are depressions or seals – it is worth excluding a benign or malignant process;
  • Fever – can be a manifestation of infection, mastitis;
  • discomfort in only one breast – possible tumor or inflammation;
  • pain in the lower abdomen, bloody discharge, nausea with vomiting, accompanied by weight loss – may be a pregnancy pathology;

It is also necessary to consult a doctor in case of purulent discharge from the mammary glands. To understand the pain in the breasts appeared in conception or in the presence of endocrine pathology will only help the doctor and with a negative or weakly positive pregnancy test.

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