Long gone are the days when information about competent preparation for motherhood had to be sought in women’s magazines, extracted from conversations with more experienced older girlfriends or loved ones, obtained from the answers of the gynecologist leading the pregnancy. Today, it is possible to take such essential information about what is happening and what will happen during this period of a woman’s life from numerous books on pregnancy by both domestic and foreign authors.

They are available in regular bookstores or available to order online. Reading books during pregnancy is also a way of relaxation and relaxation, getting positive emotions, finding a positive mood, so important for a woman in this state. But before buying it is worth having an idea of what exactly is told by a particular work, at what period of pregnancy it is more useful to read it.

Why you should read books from the top 7

Testament strips usually cause a woman a storm of emotions, give birth to a lot of questions, to which you want to get answers in time. Expectant mothers who consciously expect motherhood understand that it is necessary to prepare for it physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally. The best helper in this can be books about pregnancy and childbirth, which cover different aspects of the preparatory period associated with carrying a child.

For moms, psychologists, gynecologists, pediatricians and simply women who have gone the way of motherhood from the moment of conception to the first steps and the first school grades of their baby. There are also men among the top authors of books on pregnancy and childbirth who are well versed in the intricacies of psychology, as well as the physiology of pregnant women. Even in preparation for pregnancy, books can be the best advisor and guide to action.

“Baby, Are You Coming Soon?” – How to Become Parents

It’s hard to think of a better advertisement than the recommendations of famous pediatrician Evgeny Komarovsky for a book about pregnancy and preparation for it. The top book is “Baby, Are You Soon?” by obstetrician-gynecologist Elena Berezovskaya. It is the one he advises reading to everyone who has a dream of becoming parents in the near future or even in the distant future.

On the pages of the book about pregnancy the experienced doctor answers many questions related, for example, to how to get pregnant quickly, how much time is usually needed for this and what to do if the pregnancy does not occur. Or gives advice on what to do to conceive a healthy baby. For couples who have difficulty conceiving, the author will tell them how to solve reproductive problems on the part of both women and men, what kinds of treatments exist. Thanks to this book, they will be able to better prepare for pregnancy and increase their chances of getting pregnant.

Books on pregnancy and childbirth – Top 7 most popular and useful works

“280 Days to Your Birth” – The First Months

Begin reading Katharina Westre’s book, “280 Days to Your Birth. A Report on What You Forgot, Being in the Epicenter of Things” can be read as soon as a woman realizes she’s going to be a mother. In the ratings of books to read during pregnancy, she ranks at the top of the list. The writer looks at motherhood from an unconventional angle, talking about previously unknown nuances of intrauterine development.

For example, that man once had a tail, the webbing between his fingers, and the depression above his upper lip appeared because he originally resembled a fish, and that the brain is finally formed at the final stage. Westre reaches as deeply inside the living organism as possible, analyzing the process of pregnancy at the cellular level. To capture the reader’s attention, she refers to it as an embryo in the mother’s body at the time of reading.

Books on pregnancy and childbirth – Top 7 most popular and useful works

“9 Months of Happiness. A Handbook for Pregnant Women.”

Another book by obstetrician-gynecologist Elena Berezovskaya would be the best choice to read in the first trimester. This is a mini-tutorial on obstetrics, written in easy-to-understand language, which answers the questions of what to eat during acute toxemia, whether to be afraid of hypertension, how to increase hemoglobin and whether taking vitamins is mandatory. A book about pregnancy and childbirth helps you get rid of many fears, avoid taking unnecessary medications, and calmly endure one of the most important periods in life.

Not always nurturing runs perfectly, and doctors are often prone to overdiagnosis. In her guide, the writer debunked the major myths and diagnoses that are often given to pregnant women. Her unexpected advice is to learn the basic idea that modern medicine does not know how to deal with the threat of abortion, and all the drugs that doctors are trying to use, are ineffective.

Books on pregnancy and childbirth – Top 7 most popular and useful works

“How to Carry and Deliver a Healthy Baby by Clemmie Hooper

This pregnancy book is also called “The Week’s Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth Straight from the Midwife’s Mouth” and is written by a professional who is also the mother of 4 children. It can be read in the first and second trimesters or just before the birth – here expectant mothers will find extremely comprehensive information about all periods of pregnancy.

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Beginning with the moment when the fetus is still the size of a strawberry and ending with the choice of a birth scenario suitable only for this particular woman. Here, everyone will be able to find answers to questions of concern about:

  • The risks of drinking to “two strips” of alcohol;
  • Overcoming the effects of hormonal changes, emotional swings;
  • The importance of a positive attitude, exercise.

Among other things, the author will tell you how to eat right, why it is so important to take folic acid, iron, what to expect from the first ultrasound and when you can find out the sex of the baby.

Books on pregnancy and childbirth – Top 7 most popular and useful works

“What to Expect When Expecting a Baby.”

Authors Sharon Mazel and Heidi Murkoff, one of the most sought-after books on pregnancy and childbirth, have put together practical medical advice for moms who are preparing to see their baby for the first time in the near future. They provide answers to the questions that most concern moms-to-be. The bestseller can be read in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

The authors explain in accessible language what to do if morning sickness or incontinence become common. Women have questions about whether they can eat sushi or drink wine during pregnancy, how childbirth goes, and they will be able to find information about this in the book. Books during pregnancy are read by expectant mothers, and the advice specifically in this one is contained, including for dads-to-be. The main leitmotif of the authors is that pregnancy is a difficult period in the life of the whole family. However, it is one that allows you to prepare for your new status, to strengthen relationships.

Books on pregnancy and childbirth – Top 7 most popular and useful works

“Childbirth Without Fear. Grantley Dick-Reed

It is advisable to start reading the book when the milestone of 35 weeks is passed, in order to maintain the right attitude up to the first contractions. The author of this useful book on pregnancy for moms unequivocally states that the best cure for fear of childbirth will be the most complete study of the process, preparing an approximate algorithm of behavior, as well as a plan of action. The work of British obstetrician Dick Read, which at one time became a real revolution in the world of obstetrics, tells in detail how, if not to enjoy childbirth, at least to make it as natural and painless as possible.

The “father of natural childbirth” gives extremely simple breathing techniques for each stage of childbirth that are easy to remember. And the main thing, he believes, is to remember that childbirth has nothing to do with a process measured in hours or minutes. It’s important to rely on your body, and to be confident in a successful delivery.

Books on pregnancy and childbirth – Top 7 most popular and useful works

“French babies don’t spit up food.”

Pamela Druckerman reveals “Parenting Secrets from Paris,” which you can read at least in the prenatal ward to lift your spirits. Reading books during pregnancy allows you to acquire the knowledge and skills you need, choose the right line of behavior, and prepare for childbirth. This is not really a book about pregnancy, but rather about the result of its triumphant completion – happy motherhood. Now it is quite close and tangible.

Therefore, written with a light syllable and humor of the work of an American woman who moved to Paris – a great opportunity to get acquainted with the useful, funny tips to relax before the serious work – childbirth. On the path of motherhood, she proposes to join the French conviction that there is no reason to kill because of the vagaries of the child, and even be a very good mother – does not mean a servant to their children.

Useful books that were not in the top 7

In addition to the universally recognized favorites of the ratings that made the top seven, there are quite a few more books during pregnancy that are very useful and enjoyable to read. When all the cult books on pregnancy and childbirth have been read, the answers to the questions that bothered you the most have been found, and the birth preparation plan and script have been created and even worked out in detail, you can look slightly ahead.

And read about what problems and questions will arise immediately after the birth of a child, and in the first, the most difficult year of a child’s life. And here the works are very useful:

  • Fedor Katasonov’s “Fediatrics,” which deals with questions that worry many parents, such as how to choose a good pediatrician, why you need to vaccinate and how to strengthen immunity.
  • Ludmila Petranovskaya’s “The Secret Support,” which talks about the different stages of childhood and the formation of a strong foundation of personality based on attachment between children and parents.

The benefits of reading while carrying a baby

Reading books during pregnancy has many positives. In addition to getting useful and necessary information on all issues of pregnancy and the birth process, books about pregnancy form the appropriate mood, helping women learn to cope with emotional outbursts, soothing effect on the psyche.

You can read books during pregnancy on walks, by downloading a text to your tablet or phone. Someone likes reading paper versions of books – they are now easy to buy the smallest format, easily fitting into an ordinary woman’s purse. In any case, the works included in the TOP books will become the best friend for a pregnant woman, an adviser in this beautiful but complicated period of her life.

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