Sauna and sauna after childbirth for moms

After childbirth it is important for a woman not only to readjust to a new rhythm of life, but also to stick to healthy habits, including visits to the bath and sauna. The online course momslab presents interesting options for home masks and exfoliations for women.

Баня после родов: за и против

Is it possible to go to the bath after natural childbirth?

The first thing to consider is the needs of your body. Women after childbirth will be able to visit the sauna after all postpartum secretions are over. By this time the cervix will finish regeneration and rearrange to a new rhythm. If the delivery went without complications, you can visit the sauna after one and a half to two months. If a woman had stitches during childbirth, you should give your body a rest for three months. In addition, a huge role is played by the state of the mother and her lactation. When there are no problems with feeding, including lactastasis, visiting steam rooms will only benefit mom.

This is interesting! Many doctors even prescribe such procedures to speed up the recovery process of the body.

Bath after cesarean section – when is it possible?

Therecovery of a woman’s body after such a surgical intervention takes a little longer than after natural childbirth. For a complete “reset” of the body, doctors recommend setting aside at least three months. In any case, you should go for a consultation with your doctor to make sure your body is ready for the steam procedures. Visiting the sauna will help speed up tissue regeneration processes, as well as significantly reduce the risk of scarring on the stitches.

Баня после родов: за и против

That’s interesting! Baths perfectly activates the appearance of milk: thanks to high temperatures, the cervix contracted and the body produces a special “milk hormone” – oxytocin.

Recommendations of specialists regarding the bath after childbirth

  • The duration of a visit to the steam room should be no more than 8 minutes, and the temperature should be below 70 degrees.
  • To avoid injuries and bruises, wear headgear and rubber shoes. Your chest should be covered.
  • Before you go to the steam room, decant your milk before the next feeding.
  • You can take your baby with you – babies spend almost all their time sleeping after birth.
  • Choose the lower shelves in the sauna, so as not to stress your body unnecessarily.
  • Drink more fluids – so the body recovers faster after childbirth.

Do not forget that recovery after childbirth is a very long process. Each woman has her own period. To comfortably visit the bath or sauna after childbirth, it is worth to consult a doctor: you should visit the steam room only after the approval of a specialist. The online course at provides recommendations on different areas to help you recover as quickly as possible after childbirth.

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