Hatha yoga morning asanas for pregnant women

Hatha yoga asanas vary in their effects. It’s not only about the beneficial effects on certain organs, muscles and joints. There are relaxing asanas, and there are those that contribute to awakening the body, fill the body with energy, help to join in daily activities with enough vigor. Sometimes they are called morning asanas and are included in gymnastic complexes for pregnant women. They should be performed immediately after waking up, preferably on an empty stomach, but you can also do them some time after a light breakfast.

Асаны для пробуждения

Rules of hatha yoga classes in the morning

It is important to allocate special hours of classes. Experienced practitioners know: the best time for hatha yoga classes in the morning is before dawn. But even if the usual regime of the day does not provide for rising before sunrise, it is better to get up early and provide yourself with enough time. Only in this way you will be able to perform each exercise slowly, without fuss, measured and concentrated.

Before you start, you should go to the bathroom in the morning: overcrowded bladder and intestines will only interfere. Choose loose, light clothing made of natural materials for classes.

Move smoothly into every asana, move slowly from one exercise to another, and leave the pose in the same way, without abrupt movements. At the slightest pain, the performance of asanas stops, but the exit should also be perfectly smooth.

The practice of hatha yoga immediately after awakening is good for both body and soul:

– The morning complex of asanas, triggering natural metabolic processes, improves the metabolism;

– Regular exercise sets up the so-called internal clock and forms the correct daily routine, and the ability to easily fall asleep and wake up at the same time is the key to health;

– morning exercise energizes better than any tonic drinks that pregnant women have to give up for the sake of the baby’s health;

– Daily hatha yoga in the morning is also a great discipline, and as a result brings a sense of self-satisfaction, because it is so nice to manage to do everything planned for the day.

Morning energy boost: a list of morning asanas

The site has video lessons of effective for pregnant women complexes of exercises for awakening. The following asanas can be found in them.

Marjariasana develops the flexibility of the spine and relieves pain in the back. Based on the cat pose, dynamic exercises, movements of the legs, pelvis, thoracic section of the body can be performed.

Утренняя йога

Adho Mudha Shvanasana, better known as downward-facing dog, is great for the digestive system, in particular it is effective against constipation. Asana perfectly strengthens leg muscles, relieves joint pain, helps with anemia, and supplies oxygen to the brain vessels.

Baddha Konasana and Supta Baddha Konasana (butterfly pose, traditional and prone) have an excellent effect on the genitourinary system, reduce varicose veins, and prevent sciatica.

Virasana, the hero pose, helps to get rid of swelling, has a beneficial effect on heart function, works well on the joints and ligaments. Sometimes the half hero pose is practiced. On the basis of Virasana and Baddha Konasana, as well as on the basis of cat pose, they often perform a variety of dynamic exercises.

Half-bridge is an excellent asana for the lumbar spine.

Paschimottonasana activates the liver, kidneys and pancreas, improves blood circulation in the pelvis.

Tadasana, or mountain pose, is useful for pregnant women because it improves posture, relieves lower back pain and cramps in the calf muscles, and activates blood circulation. In classical asana the feet must stand together, in the second and third trimesters, they can be placed at the width of the pelvis, but the outer edges of the feet in both cases should be parallel. Vrikshasana (tree pose) and Utthita parshvakonasana, which normalizes biological rhythms, are often performed on its basis.

In addition to the above-mentioned postures, the morning complexes often include Padahasana, Bhujangasana, Balasana, and Ananda Balasana. However, it is better to refuse these postures during pregnancy and return to their practice in the postpartum period.

Асаны для пробуждения

How to organize a place for morning hatha yoga practice?

During classes, a pregnant woman should feel as comfortable as possible. Therefore it is necessary to approach the organization of a place for morning practice with the utmost seriousness. The room for the classes should always be well ventilated. There should be plenty of space. It is not enough just to place a mat between furniture. Some of the asanas for morning classes are performed in dynamics and with broad amplitude, therefore for safety purposes there should be no objects, which can hurt, especially unstable ones, within reach of the woman. If bolsters, special bricks and arches or other aids are used for the exercises, there should be a separate place for them. It should be convenient for a woman to take the device at the right moment, but at other times the arsenal of improvised means should not interfere with the exercises.

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