It is important for the health of the expectant mother to maintain physical activity to prevent congestion, swelling, and to maintain the normal function of the joints, muscles, and ligaments. Each pregnant woman should choose the type of physical activity that suits her. Walking, walking and other types of movement improve blood circulation in the body of the future mother, stimulating blood vessels, saturating the blood with oxygen. This is very important both for maintaining the well-being of the woman and for the correct intrauterine development of the embryo.

However, water aerobics for pregnant women is the most effective way to prepare the body of the future mother for a long pregnancy and subsequent birth. Today, an increasing number of pregnant women choose aqua aerobics, which helps to maintain health both during the fetal development stage and in the recovery period after childbirth.

Aquaerobics for pregnant women: indications for classes, starting date, benefits

When and how to begin classes Water aerobics for pregnant women

When choosing a type of physical activity during pregnancy is relevant question about the timing on which you can begin aqua aerobics, if before the woman was not familiar with it, and at what time to start them absolutely not. Experts believe that aqua aerobics for pregnant women has no contraindications during the whole period of pregnancy. However, determining the degree of activity of the upcoming classes, it is worth considering the temperament, well-being of the woman, medical advice, as well as moral readiness to start classes.

If before pregnancy, a woman engaged in aqua-fitness, to stop his visit is not necessary. But sports initiatives in the early terms should be postponed, because the first trimester is a very responsible period, when the embryo gets accustomed to the uterus, accompanied by toxicosis, nausea, increased weakness.

Types of possible exercises for pregnant women

Aqua aerobics during pregnancy is one of the most acceptable and most useful types of loads and physical activity. Of course, benefits to the female body will still bring walks in the fresh air, walking at a moderate pace. Do not also ignore the household chores, light housework. Some people choose to exercise on fitness balls, some prefer pilates. However, for most physical activities there are contraindications that should be considered, getting ready to become a mother.

Exercise in the water can safely be called optimal for a woman in the “pregnant” position. Swimming and everything connected with physical exercises in water allows you to get a moderate, correct load on all necessary muscle groups, as well as a good relaxation. As a rule, the doctor in charge of the pregnancy is positive about a woman’s desire to do aqua aerobics for pregnant women.

Benefits of swimming lessons and exercises in an aquatic environment

Aqua aerobics during pregnancy has several advantages over other types of exercise. During classes, the heart pumps blood intensively, saturating the body with oxygen, and the body gets a proper load. Muscle tissues warm up, becoming more elastic and supple, eliminating blood stagnation. Metabolism processes improve, helping the absorption of necessary microelements.

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Body weight in water is felt less, loads do not lead to injury to ligaments and joints. When exercising aquafitness, excess fat is broken down, skin due to the massage effect of the water gets elasticity and firmness. Also, with a wrong intrauterine position of the child (breech presentation) diving and certain movements will help the baby to take the right position even in the 3rd trimester. Specialists agree that women who do aqua aerobics during pregnancy cope with childbirth much easier.

Timing and indications for aqua aerobics classes

Getting ready to go to the pool, you should keep in mind that in the 1st trimester the fetal egg is fixed on the uterine mucosa. That is why many women prefer to actively practice aqua aerobics in the 1st trimester, especially if there are contraindications. The 2nd trimester is considered the most favorable period allowing pregnant women to safely and comfortably increase the intensity of exercises. At this stage of pregnancy the body has already adapted to the internal restructuring and the changes that occurred in it, so in the 2nd trimester it reacts much better to physical activity.

In the 3rd trimester specialists recommend to pay most attention to breathing exercises, to make the activity leisurely, directed to a greater extent to relaxation. When you begin aqua aerobics classes for pregnant women, you should take into account the indications for such exercises.

When is aqua aerobics recommended?

Take aqua aerobics for pregnant women, which brings undeniable benefits for the female body, recommend that future moms to promote health, as well as if you want

  • to avoid gaining excess weight;
  • to form a correct posture or correct its violations;
  • increase skin elasticity and firmness by massaging effect, to get rid of cellulite;
  • Increase immunity, as the body becomes more resistant to colds;
  • strengthen the heart muscle, improve blood circulation in the body by stimulating its flow to the heart
  • to prevent the development of varicose veins, as exercise in water promotes the outflow of venous blood;
  • Overcome hypodynamia – exercise helps get rid of heavy legs, swelling, improve blood supply to the pelvic organs;
  • Relieve stress, improve sleep;
  • to keep stretching;
  • strengthen abs;
  • Relax the musculoskeletal system.

What does aqua aerobics for pregnant women include?

Water aerobics for pregnant women with an instructor in the pool lasts no more than an hour, including four phases:

  • Warm-up – swimming several times from side to side, hand and foot movements with maximum amplitude on special equipment;
  • aquafitness – walking in the water with a leg lift, turning arms and legs at different speeds, squatting, lifting legs at the side of the pool to strengthen the back and abs, movements of the legs, hips, buttocks;
  • breathing exercises – inhalations and exhalations into the water with breath-holding on a different count, designed to prepare pregnant women for proper breathing in labor;
  • Stretching – concluding exercises during which muscles relax and heartbeat comes back to normal.

Usually, the algorithm of aquafitness exercises for pregnant women depends on the temperature of the water. If it is about 25 degrees, the complex includes more physical activity in combination with breathing techniques to avoid hypothermia.

What to consider when attending classes in the pool?

Going to visit the pool, a woman should take into account that the water in most of them is treated with chlorine. In case a pregnant woman has manifestations of allergic reactions, it is necessary to look for an alternative, for example, to choose a pool with sea water. When observing the active workouts of experienced women in aqua aerobics for pregnant women, do not overestimate your physical capabilities, seeking to work at the same pace.
The intensity of exercise should be increased smoothly, without excessive loads, gradually adding complexity and quantity, increasing their degree. You should start with one exercise a week, after a while introducing a second one into the schedule and attending them regularly. Feeling tired or cold in the water, you need to get out of the water, rest and warm up. Fitness activities in the water can be started at least one hour after eating. It is not advisable to eat immediately afterwards either.

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