Can I have anal sex after giving birth?

The safety of anal sex is a hotly debated topic, both among doctors and the general public. Often there are arguments against even a single act. So what is the truth: can we have anal sex after giving birth? Or is it a taboo for a young mother?

Анальный секс после родов

When can I have anal sex after giving birth?

If a woman practiced anal sex before pregnancy and does not experience unpleasant emotions from it, it is possible to continue such practice after the birth of the baby. However, it is important to observe the terms of the doctor’s recommended pause in sexual intercourse – this also applies to unconventional sex.

You should not have anal sex immediately after giving birth under any circumstances. It will disrupt the healing and recovery processes of the body.

As a rule, if the birth was not difficult, the doctor recommends abstinence for a month or more. The signal for the beginning of sexual activity is the end of lochia, as well as healed stitches and lacerations.

Starting earlier is not recommended. The problem is that even this contact puts pressure on the walls of the vagina. And after all, the prohibition of sexual activity is underpinned precisely by concern for the safety of the vagina.

Thus, the approximate time when you can start anal sex – 4-6 weeks after childbirth.

Анальный секс после родов

Contraindications and consequences

It is not recommended to practice anal sex in the following situations:

  1. The presence of anal fissures.
  2. Hemorrhoids.
  3. Blood-borne infections in one of the partners.
  4. Inflammatory processes in the pelvic area.
  5. Other contraindications that prohibit vaginal sex.

Sexual intercourse must be prepared for: both physically and mentally. If a woman is not psychologically ready for such experiments, she should not even try it.

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