Every mother understands that the recovery process after childbirth will take a long time, because it is not the fastest, not always the easiest and, of course, very individual. The elasticity of the abdominal muscles, which was in the “pre-pregnancy” period, will return no sooner than in a year. And many moms probably would like the process to go at least a little faster. This can be helped.

There is such a procedure as a tummy tuck, or garter.


  1. Supports weakened abdominal muscles (helps with diastasis), picks up a saggy belly.
  2. Helps stabilize the pelvis and supports the TMJ, relieving them of unnecessary stress.
  3. Helps shrink the uterus, helps reduce stress on the internal organs as they no longer hang like a sack.
  4. Reduces back pain as the abdomen and pelvis are connected.
  5. Promotes optimal elasticity of muscles and ligaments.

By the way, moms who are not breastfeeding can afford to lose weight a little faster due to more freedom in diet and allowed physical activity.

Is it possible to pull over the stomach after childbirth?

To begin with we need to define the terminology, because it is possible to get mixed up. And even in terms of meaning these words are completely different. When we tighten what we do? We overstretch, which means we squeeze. You can’t do that in any case.

Tightening and tummy tuck after childbirth are completely different things. Just imagine: now your stomach is now empty and soft, the muscles do not have the former elasticity, and as a result – the stomach is constantly falling out, bringing to his view a lot of discomfort young mom, who has already begun to think about how quickly would lose weight and get back in shape.

So, how exactly should NOT be done:

  • In no way should you push your belly inward or pull it too tight – don’t forget about normal blood circulation;
  • Do not use hard bandages corsets (except for special soft corsets, designed for this purpose);
  • It is forbidden to sleep with a tied belly.

For tummy tuck there are the following contraindications:

  • The presence of stitches after episiotomy;
  • existing kidney disease and serious problems with the pelvic organs;
  • intestinal problems;
  • Skin burns and allergies to the fabric.
Утягиваем и подвязываем живот: когда это нужно после родов?

Many people are interested in the question whether it is possible to tighten after a C-section. Yes, a cesarean section is not a contraindication for tummy tucking, and even the opposite, doctors can recommend it after this process, for example, recommending a corset for tummy tucking after childbirth.

Why do this process have such strict rules? Tummy tuck after childbirth should not interfere with the comfortable and natural recovery of internal organs, including not forgetting that the uterus must contract freely to expel lochia.

This is the difference between ligation and gartering. With tying, you provide support for the abdominal muscles, making it easier for them to recover. With bandaging, you are keeping them in an unnatural position, causing them to spasm and stagnate. If you’ve ever worn a bandage gown, you probably know that it not only puts quite a bit of pressure on the surface of your body, but also on your internal organs. Is it worth your health? Absolutely not. But a gentle garter will be good for your recovery, and further

How is gartering good for you?

  • Helps firm the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles;
  • normalizes the position of displaced organs;
  • Accelerates the recovery of intra-abdominal pressure.

When and how to tie up the abdomen after childbirth?

You can tie up your belly immediately after childbirth, as soon as the doctors allowed you to walk. But usually not more than two months after childbirth, while the muscles are still weak, the uterus has not fully contracted and the organs inside have not yet taken their position, which was before pregnancy.

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When more than two months have passed since the birth, the uterus has already contracted, the hormones have stabilized and you can do the right exercises to further restore the body after childbirth. For example, from our basic course program. Further strengthening the whole body will help you to recover after childbirth.

This should be done with a soft elastic fabric:

  • sling – soft elastic fabric;
  • An elastic cloth – 50 cm wide, 2,5-3 m long
  • a soft scarf about 50 cm wide and about 2-3 meters long. Tummy tuck should be comfortable and soft, so it is better to choose the same fabric – elastic and tactile pleasant for you.

How to perform the garter procedure?

The whole procedure is done lying down:

  • We lie on our back over the side, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor.
  • We put the scarf on the belly from above, spreading the fabric all over the belly.
  • Lift your pelvis above the floor and cross the fabric behind your back. And then bring it forward and back again.

Bring the ends of the fabric forward so that they are above the first layer of fabric;

Tie the knot on your side so it doesn’t put pressure on your uterus;

Check how you feel – you should feel comfortable, when you stand up the fabric will tighten, so you don’t need to tighten the knot too much now;

Without standing up, run your hands deep under the fabric and grasp your belly from below;

Reach up and pull it out, placing it under the fabric, as if thereby supporting your belly.

Stand up and check your sensations again: you should be able to straighten your back completely and breathe calmly.

Other options for supporting the abdomen, if it is not possible to make a scarf:

– A corset bandage in the form of panties with an inflated waist. They perfectly support both the abdomen and the pelvis and pelvic floor area. But also should not press the abdomen inward.

And remember, garter belts are like a cast, they won’t help pump up your muscles and tone your body! It just helps your weakened muscles!

If you have any questions about tummy ties, you can watch detailed instructions in the video tutorials or consult our experts, who will definitely try to help you master this comfortable and useful procedure.

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