When is it advisable to start physical recovery?

A woman’s body gradually returns to normal as soon as she gives birth. It can be actively helped – this is the goal of the first postpartum exercises. The main thing is that the help is adequate and proportional, and for this you need to exercise wisely. The timing of the start of exercise depends on how the birth took place, on the well-being of the new mother, as well as on her previous physical training.

Месяц после родов: можно ли спорт

Exercise after one week of labor

These can be done after a natural, uncomplicated birth – in all other cases you will have to wait a little longer and consult your doctor. Too active exercise will have to be avoided for now, but a number of exercises a week after childbirth will certainly be useful and accessible even to non-sporty moms.

  1. “Steady breathing” – control the processes of inhalation and exhalation, hold your breath for 10-15 seconds at each phase.
  2. “Mermaid” – lying on your stomach with your arms stretched along your body, lift your head and chest. On lifting – inhale, on lowering – exhale.
  3. “Foot rotation” – lying down, you need to twist both feet in turn around the ankle in both directions, then pull them to the shin and relax. Repeat 10 times each.
  4. Kegel gymnastics – exercises to strengthen the perineum and pelvic floor.

Until the postpartum secretions – lochia, more active exercises should be postponed for later. A month after labor, however, physical exercises can become much more varied.

Exercise a month after childbirth

For the beginning of active recovery form after pregnancy and childbirth will suit simple exercises of gymnastics, elements of Pilates, breathing exercises and cardio exercises. Yoga combines all their benefits – a number of its asanas are ideal for a gentle entry into an active life rhythm.

You should not forget about daily morning exercises – it could include a few simple exercises on the major muscle groups. Before exercising, you need a warm-up – stretching, equalizing the breath, a light warm-up of the muscles you are going to work on.

“It’s been a month since giving birth, what exercises can I do?” – If you are seriously asking this question, our experts are ready to help: make up an individual complex and monitor the performance online.

Месяц после родов: можно ли спорт

Restrictions on exercises: who and what can not?

We talked about the reasonable organization of training: the main principle is not to harm yourself. No “forcing” and “compulsory” – exercise should bring a good mood and positive. But it is better, of course, to do every day: so the benefits will be more, and the result – more clearly.

It is categorically impossible to do sports after childbirth:

  • With not fully healed stitches after an episiotomy or cesarean section – you need the “good” from the doctor;
  • In the acute period of illness or exacerbation of a chronic disease;
  • In case of high body temperature;
  • In severe pain of any origin;
  • With a sharp deterioration of health – the appearance of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, bleeding.

Месяц после родов: можно ли спорт

These physical exercises after childbirth are not yet useful

A month after childbirth, a number of exercises are temporarily contraindicated, as they can harm the immature body or negatively affect lactation:

  • Excessive performance of any exercise;
  • The use of weights;
  • Excessive abdominal exercises and twisting (especially in case of diastasis);
  • Active power exercises to strengthen the breasts, if the mother is nursing;
  • Stress on the wrists – their strength is needed to carry the baby.

We wish moms a speedy physical recovery and offer our active help in this.

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