Yoga asanas directed at the feet

In this article, let’s break down the role of this seemingly “inconspicuous” part of the body and examine the effects of yoga for the feet.

Not only the back reacts sensitively to weight gain during pregnancy, but also the feet. Sometimes – the knee joints and ankles. Both special exercises and asanas can help relieve pain, relax and disperse swelling.

Note: While in general foot exercises are harmless, try to take into consideration any trauma you might have had – fractures, dislocations, etc.

Exercising on the feet helps to correct problems throughout the body, as well as prepare the legs for more serious workloads.

Йога для ног: влияние асан на стопы

What causes foot pain?

Metaphorically speaking, feet are our resilience. It turns out that how firmly and confidently we stand on the ground is projected onto our psychological state and back again.

It would seem that in everyday life we hardly pay any attention to them. However, in the feet lies an even greater importance for the body:

  • Something on which the entire musculoskeletal system rests;
  • the reliable shock absorbers for the whole body;
  • According to Eastern medicine, the feet are the projection of the health of the internal organs.

As we mentioned above, pregnant women are one of the vulnerable groups of people with “problematic” feet. In addition to weight, feet are sensitive to micronutrient deficiencies in the body. Because of this, we suffer from pain, cramps and sometimes numbness.

That is why it is so important to consult with a nutritionist-nutritionist while waiting for the baby. To find out more, sign up for a MomsLab birth preparation program.

There are times when the cause is trivial. For example, a mother did not notice how her foot size slightly increased during pregnancy, but stubbornly continues to wear her old shoes. What’s worse, shoes that were previously uncomfortable for mom.

If you do not get rid of such shoes during pregnancy, you will inevitably distribute the weight on the foot incorrectly. After all, how is it? First, the toe rubs, and we push it up, etc. The arch of the foot changes its natural shape. Secondly, it can lead to worsening flat feet, valgus curvature of the foot, as well as the growth of a bone on the foot.

Йога для ног: влияние асан на стопы

For this reason, we recommend including special asanas on a daily basis as prevention. Just 10-15 minutes a day will help if not quickly solve the problem, then slow down its deterioration.

Yoga for the feet: gymnastics for the arch of the foot

Such gymnastics is good in that you do not need to get a mat every time and carve out an hour to practice. You can almost always find a minute for the right exercise:

  • getting up in the morning and sitting on the bed;
  • on the couch in front of the TV;
  • while working at the computer, etc.

Complex 1

Allow up to fifteen seconds for each leg. If you feel you can do more, increase to 3 sets.

Sit on the edge of the bed/couch, feet in front of you on the floor:

– Pull your socks in and out as much as possible, take your time – feel every movement;

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– make a circle with your feet, without taking them off the floor – first to one side, then to the other;

– Extend your toes, hold on for a few seconds, then squeeze with effort.

Complex #2

Sitting on the bed, tuck one leg under you and straighten the other. Grab an elastic yoga band, belt, or towel. The wider the cover, the better, so you don’t squeeze your foot. Put the elastic band on the foot straightened in front of you so that it forms a “soft cocoon” around the foot. Under no circumstances do not squeeze the foot – it should not be painful.

Now pull the rubber band with your hands and feel the resistance with your foot. Your task is to make the foot work, as if pushing the rubber away.

Complex #3.

Well helps to relax and develop a foot dense ball. Suitable is a tennis ball, also you can “borrow” a toy ball from children or even from a pet. Stand on the ball alternately with different parts of your foot – try to transfer your weight completely and feel where it “won’t let go. This is the so-called trigger point. We will continue to develop it, without crossing the threshold of painful sensations.

Complex #4

If you can, sit down and tuck your legs under you. The buttocks should fix the feet, pressing them to the floor with their weight. Try pulling your knees off the surface one at a time and then both knees at once.

Complex #5.

Leaning against the wall, make sure you’re standing straight. Open your chest and align your pelvis.

Do a series of exercises:

– Raise and lower your heels – to enhance the effect you can do this outside, standing on the curb, and at home use a yoga block;

– walk from the beginning to the end of the mat, using the inside of the foot;

– now vice versa, on the outside.

Stretching your foot muscles is helped by the “Downward-facing dog” asana, during which you can safely roll your feet in a circle.

Compare how you feel before and after doing the exercises. For example, do the exercise on one leg and feel – how relaxed the “working” leg is and how much tension there is in the other leg.

We wish all moms healthy feet!

Йога для ног: влияние асан на стопы
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